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Oblivion Becomes Thieves Den

New premium downloadable content for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion can be found on its website for just $1.89. Titled “Thieves Den”, the DLC adds outfits for the player’s stealth-based character for missions; it also adds more:

Rediscover the legendary Dunbarrow Cove and the ancient pirate ship The Red Sabre. Dunbarrow Cove not only provides a home base to operate out of, you can purchase new vendors, trainers, and even an upgrade to your sleeping quarters with the loot from your heists.

Elder Scrolls IV Gold, Dated

Quenching the thirst for massive-RPG experiences, Bethesda and 2K Games finally announced that The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has gone gold and will be available in stores throughout North America and Europe starting March 20. Oblivion will be available for the PC and Xbox 360 in both regular and collector’s edition versions.

Rated “T” for Teen by ESRB, Oblivion is an open-ended single-player RPG, offering “unprecedented” graphics and freeform gameplay to shape the game world to their style of play.