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Fragile Alliance in Kane & Lynch

The already fragile alliance in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men will get even more delicate in the online multiplayer mode called “Fragile Alliance.” The mode will have up to eight players team up against police in a series of heist scenarios, however, it will be up to the player to either work as a team or back-stab their team mates and work for themselves at any moment. The objective is to steal the loot and make it to the getaway point; the winner is the player who escapes with the most loot.

“We wanted to make a multiplayer experience using the theme, dynamics and atmosphere of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men” said Kim Krogh, Lead Game Designer, IO Interactive. “Fragile Alliance is a new way to use co-op in multiplayer. Play it like a soldier and you’ll lose, play it like a criminal and you’ll win”.

The game will hit stores on November 20 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. It will be released throughout Europe on November 23.

SCi, Eidos in Takeover Talks

Gamespot reports that SCi Games might be in talks to sell itself to an “unnamed company”. However, it seems their talks of a takeover bid are at an “extremely preliminary” stage, noting that there is no guarantee that it might go forward.

The current owner of Eidos Interactive – publisher of many popular franchises like Tomb Raider, Hitman and Championship Manager – SCi Games is speculated to be in talks with EA Games or even Warner Bros. Entertainment. The latter, in fact, bought 10% of the company’s shares back in December and awarded Eidos the rights to make games based on many of its properties including The OC and The Flintstones.

As per the report, the company is set to make an announcement in due course.

Dead Men Website Live

The official website for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men has gone live, offering up game details, forums, competitions as well as the omnipresent media to curious gamers. Apparently, the site represents the “dual personalities… being both edgy and psychotic at the same time,” according to the site’s web designer. It has also won an award.

Kane & Lynch Movie Moving Forward, New Trailer

From IGN comes word that the film adaptation of upcoming co-op action title Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is set to begin shooting this Fall. In development at Lionsgate, a script penned by Kyle Ward has been selected. It is not known which actors will be chosen for the roles of the titular characters, though the report claims that “several big-name actors… including one A-lister” are being discussed.

More information on the film is forthcoming. The game itself is in the works at IO Interactive and is set for release later this year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out a new trailer below.


Conflict: Denied Ops Announced, Screenshots

Eidos has announced a new next-gen shooter dubbed Conflict: Denied Ops for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Here’s the deal:

CONFLICT: DENIED OPS is set in today’s volatile political climate, focusing on two covert field operatives, experts in weapons and military tactics. The game allows players to switch seamlessly, at any point, between these two operatives to lay down covering fire, explore diverging paths through the levels, create distractions and pin the enemy under fire.

Making full use of Pivotal’s new Puncture Technology™, the game features a highly destructible environment, allowing players to shoot through walls to create sniping holes or blast through walls to take the enemy by surprise. Taking place in politically sensitive areas across South America, Africa and Russia, CONFLICT: DENIED OPS features an intuitive command system, non-stop action and Hollywood-esque explosive moments throughout.

“This is our first chance to develop a Conflict game for next-gen platforms,” said Alex McLean, Technical Director at Pivotal. “Working on the 360 and PS3 we’ve been able to take the series to new heights, with true next-gen lighting, advanced enemy AI, an explosive environment and unique tactical co-op gameplay. CONFLICT: DENIED OPS marks a new era for the Conflict series.”

When the US government needs intelligence but wants no association with an operation, deniable operatives are dispatched. Responsible for covert paramilitary actions, the Special Activities Division is a division of the Central Intelligence Agency, now the National Clandestine Service. Members of the unit must bear no identity; no objects, papers or clothing that could associate them in any way with their employees. CONFLICT: DENIED OPS draws its inspiration from this group of highly skilled individuals.

The game is being developed by Pivotal Games and will be a two-player co-op title. Denied Ops is set for release sometime in 2008. Below are three new screenshots:

Eidos Bows Down to Ads

Get used to this: Eidos has announced that it will display in-game ads in ten of its upcoming titles, all of which will be supported by Double Fusion, the in-game advertising specialists. This deal, which was signed for three years, will see advertisement displayed in several formats, ranging from dynamically served to product placements.

“This is an exciting and innovative opportunity for Eidos, we’re delighted to be working with Double Fusion and we fully believe that our titles will offer the perfect platform for the right media partners,” commented Jane Cavanagh, chief executive, Eidos Interactive.

Frank Sagnier, Double Fusion’s European managing director said: “We are truly excited about this partnership with Eidos. The quality and breadth of Eidos’ portfolio of games represents an ideal opportunity for advertisers to reach many millions of consumers in an uncluttered and engaging environment. It further strengthens videogames as a primary medium of choice to reach the elusive 18-34 year old audience.”

The games which will carry these ads weren’t specifically mentioned, but it was disclosed that they will be key titles.

Lara Leaps to Next-gen, Third Movie

Yes, it’s no surprise that a next-gen Tomb Raider game is in the making, but official confirmation comes from an EuroGamer interview with Ian Livingstone, where the Eidos bigwig revealed that the new “Lara Croft” is so good that you’ll be literally “drooling”. Though he didn’t mention when the “drooling” might begin, he did mention that a third Tomb Raider movie may be made: a scriptwriter has been hired by Paramount, however it is “nowhere near the green-light process”, so don’t get your hopes too high… yet.

The full interview can be seen on EuroGamer’s online TV show.