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Titan Quest Gold

An announcement from THQ lets us know that Iron Lore’s hack n’ slash RPG Titan Quest has gone gold for PC. Set for release on June 26, Titan Quest will have gamers embarking on a transcontinental journey through Greece, Egypt and Asia written by award-winning screenwriter Randall Wallace (Braveheart).

In Titan Quest, gamers will quest through fabled locations such as the Parthenon, the Great Pyramids, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Great Wall of China, to save humanity from terrifying monsters, mythical beasts and the evil Titans who have escaped their eternal prisons. The game features a deep single player and co-operative multiplayer game experience with an epic story written by award-winning screenwriter Randall Wallace (Braveheart, The Man in the Iron Mask).

Shadow of Aten at E3

The E3 news keeps rolling in – The Shadow of Aten, Schanz’s Egyptian adventure game, will be shown off at E3 this year for the PC and Xbox 360.

Based on the true story about a cult dedicated to God Aten, the game has players donning the shoes of Allan Scott, who will be making his way through pharaoh’s tombstones, Cairo, the oasis of El-Fayum and more. The game will feature multiple mechanics, from camel riding to truck pursuits, infiltration system, shooters, etc.

Shadow of Aten will be showcased at Meeting Room 6837 in Kentia Hall. Schanz will also be showing off more products, as well as two more “first looks” which involve an “innovative and unique RPG” and a RTS with “state-of-art technology and post-apocalyptic setting”.