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FIFA 13 announced, promises major changes

FIFA_13Not wasting any time, EA has announced FIFA 13, the next release in the annual football franchise. And this time they’re offering a “revolutionary set of game-changing innovations.”

So, what does this hyperbole translate to? First off, the AI has been improved. They’ve also enhanced the dribbling system and have redone the Player Impact Engine. The career mode has also had some “major changes” in response to fan feedback.

The game is coming out on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, Wii, PSP, PS2 (!), 3DS, iOS, and other mobile platforms. It will also support Kinect and PlayStation Move.

Rumor: Battlefield 3 premium service launching next month

Following Activision’s lead, EA may be planning on launching a premium service for Battlefield 3 players. In fact, it may be launched as early as June 4, according to this report from Battlefieldo.

The site states that customers will get a premium knife, soldier camos, weapon camos, black dog tag, extra assignments, and more. It also claims that the game will receive a fifth expansion pack in March 2013.

The purported launch date puts it close to E3. I believe EA will use the event as a platform to begin offering this service.

EA and DICE: lack of Battlefield 3 servers due to rentals

Battlefield 3 may have proven to be too popular for its own good. Players noted recently that all of DICE’s official servers for the game appeared to be unavailable. That raised a number of questions which EA was quick to answer.

DICE runs a number of official servers that can be rented by players, and if too many players rent official servers, they can appear to be unavailable. The studio wants the best for its players, so they are going to “reserve a percentage of servers for players who prefer to connect through DICE-hosted servers” in the future.

They are hosting a double XP weekend for all ranked servers and matches today and tomorrow. While this may not be in direct response to this issue, it’s still a good gesture. And hey, free points!

Rumored Dead Space 3 details: cooperative gameplay, human enemies, and more

Hot on the heels of EA confirming the game are the first details from Dead Space 3. They come from IGN, who note that there is drop-in drop-out cooperative gameplay in the upcoming sequel.

The site notes that series protagonist Isaac is joined by another man in an engineering suit. He has red glowing eyes, and works as a guide in single-player. Players will work together by sharing ammo and healing each other. Co-op will also make use of improved telekinesis power to solve puzzles as well as interact with the environment.

IGN has further information on changes made to the bench, enemies (humans!), weapons, and more.

New Need for Speed and Dead Space games by March 2013

My sentiments exactly.

From the why-am-I-not-surprised department comes word that Need for Speed and Dead Space franchises are getting new entries by March 2013. Both titles were announced and referred to at EA’s earnings call. However, no details were offered.

Dead Space 3 has been rumored to take place on a frozen planet. Meanwhile, Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2 has popped up in retailer listings. EA also noted that there will be new entries in several PopCap franchises such as Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies.

EA investing $80 million in next-gen games development, has over 11 million Origin members

ea-logoEA’s universally-disliked Origin service now has 11 million registered members. It’s also making money for EA – in fact, it has made $150 million of it between March 31, 20111 and April 1, 2012. Nucleus, the publisher’s cross-platform community network, now has 220 million members. These are staggering figures for such a reviled service.

Seeing as how EA is doing quite well, the company also noted that it is investing $80 million in developing games for next-gen consoles over the next 12 month. The publisher is quite committed to next-gen hardware. It also tells us just how soon we can expect these consoles to land in our homes.

Star Wars Old Republic loses users, gains update

star_wars_the_old_republic_fight1EA has announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic currently has about 1.3 million active subscribers. It’s a sizable drop from 1.7 million reported back in February.

These numbers come from the publisher’s annual financial report, which saw it boast a net annual income of $76 million. They had lost $276 million this time last year.

It should be noted that the MMO got a 1.2 update only a month ago. It added lots of new content, which is a trend BioWare hopes to continue with “Allies”, its next content update. No further details are known about this update, other than the fact that it will be available in EA’s “Q1” time frame.

Could “Allies” be EA’s answer to reduced active users?