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Duke Nukem Coming to Handhelds, Live-action Duke Searched for

Make way for awesomeness on handhelds, as Apogee Software today announced that Critical Mass, the first entry in the new Duke Nukem trilogy, will arrive on DS and PSP this September.

Developed by Frontline Studios, the action game takes place in the future, while the latter two are respectively set in the modern day and during World War II.

The company additionally announced that it is kicking off a talent search for the “next live-action Duke Nukem actor.” Applicants will be judged on “how well they personify the character’s take-no-prisoners attitude.”

Auditions will be held in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas. Submissions are also being accepted in DVD, tape or Quicktime form, so if you don’t live in those areas, you can still apply.

Duke Nukem Forever Next Year?

As if we didn’t need another Duke Nukem Forever release date: a 3DR forum member has posted the scan of a page from the July edition of PC Gamer which states that it has received “official word” that DNF will be released sometime next year.

Please do take it with buckets of salt, because, first of all, it’s not directly from 3D Realms; and secondly, do you really think Duke Nukem Forever will EVER be released? It’s a myth! An urban legend! Kidding aside, it’d be great if the game gets released soon.