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Duke Nukem inspires awesome custom computer

Richard Surroz, the man behind the excellent Kegputer, has teamed up with NVIDIA again to make something new and amazing. This time the theme was Duke Nukem Forever, a game fourteen years in the making. The game hasn’t been doing well with the critics, but who cares – it’s finally out and selling well enough to take the throne in UK.

Anyways, Surroz has built a custom-made computer based on the theme, and, to be honest, it’s absolutely wonderful. There’s a full step-by-step on how he has done it, plus pictures of the build, up on GeForce. It has two screens Check it out.

Duke topples detectives on the way to the throne

The King is back, baby, and he’s number one right now. At least in the UK. Duke Nukem Forever sold enough copies of itself, following its resurrection by Gearbox, to topple L.A. Noire. The game hasn’t been received well by critics, though, as the PC version currently stands at 63 on Metacritics.

Other titles include inFamous 2, which opened at four. Another open-world title Red Faction: Armageddon dropped in at eight. Here’s the full list for the week ending June 11:

  1. Duke Nukem Forever
  2. LA Noire
  3. Zumba Fitness
  4. inFamous 2
  5. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
  6. DiRT 3
  7. Brink
  8. Red Faction: Armageddon
  9. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  10. Portal 2

Duke Nukem Forever "Teaser" Trailer

Keeping to its “when it’s done” promise, 3D Realms had not shown Duke Nukem Forever since its first showing back in 2001. However, they have broken their silence by releasing a teaser trailer of the game – it was originally prepared internally for the purpose of holiday festivities, but they decided to release it to the public, marking the beginning of further media unveiling of the long-in-development shooter sequel.

The trailer below features the work of longtime Duke voice actor Jon St. John as well as music from composers Jeremy and Julian Soule. The release date is still “when it’s done”.

There is more information on the game in this Shacknews post. You can also grab a HD version of the trailer above on Rapidshare (direct link).

Duke Nukem Forever Next Year?

As if we didn’t need another Duke Nukem Forever release date: a 3DR forum member has posted the scan of a page from the July edition of PC Gamer which states that it has received “official word” that DNF will be released sometime next year.

Please do take it with buckets of salt, because, first of all, it’s not directly from 3D Realms; and secondly, do you really think Duke Nukem Forever will EVER be released? It’s a myth! An urban legend! Kidding aside, it’d be great if the game gets released soon.