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DS Lite Goes Silver

Celebrating its success in the portable console space, Nintendo of Europe announced that gamers in the region will get a new Nintendo DS Lite color – silver. Starting October 12, gamers can pick up the silver edition alongside the popular black, white and pink versions. It will retail for £99.

DS Sells 6 Million in Europe

The continuing success of Nintendo in the portable arena is yet to hit a roadblock as the company announces that it ha sold 6 million DS units throughout Europe, with more being sold everyday. The success can be attributed to the DS Lite, a redesign of the original DS, which has renewed interest in the dual-screened handheld.

Nintendo notes that it is the leader in the handheld market, maintaining 70% market share for eleven consecutive weeks. It also notes that 44% of its consoles are being sold to women.

The Nintendo DS hit European store shelves in March 2005. A new Pink colored version will be launched on October 27 for €150.

Onyx and Pink DS Lite in America

nintendods_pinkblack.jpgThe colors just keep on coming: Nintendo has announced that gamers in North America will be able to empty their pockets for two more colors of the DS Lite – Onyx and Coral Pink (both pictured). Gamers can do so on September 13.

Nintendo took the opportunity to also announce that New Super Mario Bros. has hit the 1 million unit sales mark after just 12 weeks on sale in the region. Overall, the DS and its game sales are both up more than 300 percent in July alone.

DS Lite Becomes All Cute and Chic

Pink Nintendo DS LiteYes, it seems that pink is the new black these days! Following Sony’s move to pinkify the PS2 and PSP, Nintendo has announced that DS Lite will don the color this Autumn. The new “more vibrant” portable will be available across Europe on October 27.

Nintendo hopes on “brightening up those dull autumn days” with the new Pink DS Lite; it also hopes that the portable will find its home in the “most stylish of bags”. Yes, Nintendo, I’m sure it will be all chic and whatnot with fashionable women and very sensitive men who will have to shell out £100 for the color.

21 Million DS Sold Worldwide

Nintendo’s been on a roll for some time now: the company, following its “DS Lite is Big in Europe” announcement, today sent out word that it has sold – wait for it – 21 million Nintendo DS units worldwide. Just to show how popular it is, Nintendo equated the rate of DS sales to 23 systems per minute, which, in turn, equates to one unit sold every two seconds… non-stop since launch. CRAZY!

“We’re thrilled to be announcing this milestone today,” says George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications, “especially since Nintendo DS was North America’s top-selling video game system of any type in June. We attribute this success to Nintendo’s overall strategy of offering something for everyone – from five-year-olds caring for their Nintendogs to 65-year-olds tuning their mental agility with Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day.”

The DS has recently received a push in sales thanks to the release of DS Lite, a smaller, but better redesign of the dual-screen handheld. Additionally, the company, whose executives must now be swimming in pools of money, has announced that it will launching more new games for both the DS and GBA in the coming months.

New DS Lite Colors

On IGN is word that Nintendo will release the DS Lite Jet Black version in Japan on September 2 for a retail price of 16,800 yen. The system will be the fifth color variation of the popular handheld, following Ice Blue, Emerald Navy, Crystal White and Noble Pink (not released yet).

The site also reports that Square Enix will release the Final Fantasy III Crystal Edition limited edition package (pictured) to coincide with the August 24 release of the game. The package will include a copy of the game and a Crystal White DS Lite covered in FFIII character artwork and logo. It will retail for 22,780 yen.

Although the Final Fantasy DS Lite is not expected to be released anywhere outside of Japan, the Jet Black version of the handheld may very well be launched in other regions.

DS Lite is BIG in Europe

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Nintendo DS is the world’s most sold handheld, but constant assertions by Nintendo is becoming quite irritating: in their latest press announcement, the company has stated that it has sold 200,000 units of DS Lite, the sleek new form of the otherwise ugly portable, since its 23rd June launch in Europe.

The successful launch of DS Lite brings the total number of European units sold to 5 million, outselling its nearest rival – the PSP – by quite a few millions. Nintendo is promoting its Touch! Generations range now, offering games for people of all games. Titles include Nintendogs, Animal Crossing and Big Brain Academy, all of which have sold tons of copies.

The Nintendo DS Lite is available in either black or white in Europe for around £100.

DS Lite Street Date Broken

Yes, the DS Lite street date has been broken! Originally intended for release on June 11, many people have reportedly bought the redesigned handheld from Walmart, Target and Sears among others.

An enterprising gamer has set up this Frappr page, bringing together people who have luckily purchased the device and helping others get hold of one.

DS Lite Hitting Europe June 23

Now that the company has launched the redesigned handheld in Japan and marked a North American date, Nintendo today sent over word that Europeans will be getting their grubby hands on the sleek DS Lite starting June 23. It will be available in either “sleek black” or “cool, stylish white” – whichever consumers choose.

DS Lite will retail for an estimated price of around £100 when launched. To accompany the launch, Nintendo will also be releasing Brain Training (June 9), Nintendogs Dalmatian & Friends Edition (June 16), New Super Mario Bros. (June 30) and Elektroplankton (July 7).

DS Lite Dated, Priced in North America

Following its release in Japan, where it sold like hot cakes(an understatement), Nintendo has announced that the DS Lite is headed for North America this June.

Set for release on June 11, DS Lite is a lighter, brighter version of the Nintendo DS which features two-screens and a touch-screen for a different sort of gameplay. The revised-handheld will be sold at $130 when it launches in the region; the inaugural color will be Polar White with a raised DS logo on the cover.