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Rumor: Wheelman Drives to Ubisoft?

Following Midway’s chapter 11 filing for bankruptcy protection, Kotaku reports a rumor that the rights to Wheelman, the action-driving game starring Vin Diesel, has shifted to Ubisoft.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, the game’s listing on GameFly has been updated to show UBisoft as the publisher and “TBD” as the release date. Kotaku additionally notes that the game might be integrated in the Driver franchise, as Ubisoft has the rights to the series, and since the concept of the game fits in so well with the series.

An official statement from Midway is yet to come.

Driver 76 Announced

Ubisoft has announced Driver 76, its first game based off the Driver license it bought from Atari earlier, for the PSP. Exclusively designed for the Sony portable, Driver 76 will feature all-new content with 27 new missions and is in development at Sumo Digital and Ubi’s Reflections studio.

Faithful to the brand spirit, Driver 76 is an action driving game that features Hollywood-style car chases while also letting the player experience the open environment on foot. The game thrusts the player into the heart of the 1970s, through 27 missions divided into six main plots. Players can take side jobs, earning cash that can be used to modify their rides. Driver 76 also offers an extensive multiplayer mode and a host of mini-games ranging from street races to all out carnage in Destruction Derby mode.

Features Include:

  • All-New Content Developed Exclusively for the PSP system – Twenty-seven all-new missions created for the PSP system.
  • Prequel Storyline to Driver Parallel Lines – The year is 1976, two years before Driver® Parallel Lines.
  • Multiplayer Games and Downloadable Content – Games include Street Racing, Destruction Derby, Pink Slip Racing and Swap Meet. Also download new paintjobs to use on your collected vehicles in the garage.
  • Experience Open Environments in Authentic 1970’s New York – All the architecture, music, cars and clothes of the ’70s. Spans New York from Jersey to Coney Island.
  • Vehicle Modification System – Collect your favorite vehicles and complete side job missions to get the cash to modify your ride.
  • High-Speed Hollywood Racing Action – High-speed car races and crashes. Go even faster by customizing your car with special parts.
  • Authentic ’70s Soundtrack – Immerse yourself in the ’70s with classic songs from the decade.

It is set for release this March.

Silent Hill 2 to be Penned by Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman

Dark Horizons reports that Roger Avary and fantasy author Neil Gaiman will team up to write Silent Hill 2. This comes from an interview with Christophe Gans on DVD Rama, a French site, who states that Avary will work on the project after he completes his work on the Driver script.

Christophe Gans is currently working on a live-action Onimusha adaptation, and as per the article, may or may not work on the Silent Hill sequel.

Update: Neil Gaiman has refuted his relationship with the project through a post in his blog. He states that this is a discredited internet rumor, but does not blow out the possibility of him working on the project if an offer is given.

Ubi Gets Driver's License

Ubisoft and Atari have announced that they have reached an agreement that will see Ubi acquiring the Driver license, as well as most of the assets and all the personnel of Reflections Interactive, the studio behind the now-faded franchise. The acquisition cost the former $24 million (19 million Euros).

In a separate statement by Atari, the company stated that the sale of the Driver franchise is part of its initiative to refocus its portfolio of franchise as well as streamlining the company’s cost structure. Also, Atari will maintain sell-off rights for a three month period for all Driver products except Driver 4, which the company will retail till the end of 2006. Specific financial details of the agreement were not revealed.

Driver: Parallel Lines Gold

If you were looking forward to more Driver action then you just might want to check out Driver: Parallel Lines, which Atari announced has gone gold. Fourth in the series, Parallel Lines will be available for the PS2 and Xbox later this month.

Driver: Parallel Lines places gamers in New York City during two distinct eras – the 1970s and today – and centres on TK, an 18 year-old driving prodigy seeking fortune and fame. Gifted, popular and arrogant as hell, TK is one of the best drivers-for-hire in town and is known by everyone – from the pimped-out street hustlers, petty criminals, and racer boys to the shadowy crime figures that pay for his skills at the wheel. TK gets involved with a scheming group bent on taking down one of the biggest names in the underground crime scene. However, TK gets double crossed and ultimately is imprisoned for 28 years.

Fast forward to 2006 where the action kicks back in, and TK is older, meaner, and hell bent on settling some serious scores. TK needs to call on every driving trick in his considerable repertoire to tame the over-powered road machines that 2006 presents him. After twenty-plus years in jail, it’s time to hit the streets once again.

The game features an in-game soundtrack of 80+ songs from both the ’70s and the current era. Lineup of artists include Blondie, David Bowie, MF Doom and others, along with Public Enemy, Paul Oakenfold and other artists who created songs specifically for the game.