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Loki Hitting America

Americans are going to get some mythological action, courtesy of DreamCatcher Games who will publish action-RPG Loki: Heroes of Mythology for PC in the region. Set for release on September 28, the game has players take on the role of one of four great mythological heroes who undertake epic quests and defy the gods, among other things.

Egyptian God, Seth, once condemned to a sealed tomb for his evil and malice ways, has escaped to release a fury of pent up revenge onto the Norse, Greek, Aztec and Egyptian worlds. You have been chosen by the other gods to help bring order back. Play as a mighty Norse Warrior, a fierce Greek Fighter, a powerful Egyptian Sorcerer or a mystical Aztec Shaman in your quest, traveling through vast territories in fierce battle against hundreds of legendary and deadly enemies. Prepare yourself for fast-paced, action-packed gameplay where it is up to you to conquer all four worlds and put Seth back where he belongs.

Loki features over 200 different skills, random level generator, PvP mode, more than 500 unique objects and more.

Neverend in America

DreamCatcher Games has announced that it will publish Neverend, a fantasy RPG developed by Mayhem Studios, for PC in North America later this month.

Immerse yourself into a world filled with action, magic, and adventure. Rejected by society, you are Agavaen a mysterious young woman with magical powers. Explore a vast and unique world arming yourself with powerful weapons and spells as you uncover the clues to your true identity. Travel through bustling towns, towering castles, ancient ruins, and lush landscapes. Talk to its inhabitants, but choose your words wisely. Many will be friend… but many will be foe. Your destiny awaits you…


  • Battle your way through legions of challenging enemies as you quickly choose your strategies with the unique and powerful combat system.
  • Create numerous devastating spells with the custom rune system.
  • Uncover distinct storylines based on how you play the game.
  • 3 levels of difficulty to suit your playing style.
  • Build a powerful character with experience points gained through battle and by successfully completing your quests. Purchase rare armor upgrades and potions with gold that you collect along the way.
  • Arm yourself with powerful weapons and magical spells as you are confronted by enemies who will do everything they can to prevent you from completing your quests.

Ship Simulator Steering Towards North America

From DreamCatcher Games comes word that it will publish a new version of Ship Simulator in North America which includes the famous New York harbor.

Putting players in the helm of some of the most varied and detailed ships to be found at sea, Ship Simulator will begin steering into stores later this month.

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Delayed: Heart of Empire and Painkiller

Two games have been delayed: first up is Heart of Empire: Rome, Paradox Interactive‘s upcoming strategy title in development at Deep Red (Tycoon City: New York). The RTS title has been postponed until Q1 2007; it will let players build their own Roman empire once released.

In a press release crafted painfully in Hell, DreamCatcher sent word that development time on the Xbox port of Painkiller has been extended to allow them to fine tune the gameplay. Painkiller: Hell Wars currently has no release date.