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Double Fusion Announces Dynamic Ad Placement

In-game ad agency Double Fusion has debuted technology separating ad integration from game development and allowing for dynamic placements of ads. Previously developers had to hardcore the ads into the game itself.

Dubbed fusion.runtime, the tools will give developers the ability to create new ad placements in finished game as well as back-catalog titles. Ubisoft and NCSoft have already begun using these tools. In fact, the recently released free ad-supported Ubi games Far Cry, Prince of Persia and other make use of these tools, allowing for integration of ads in the menu and loading screens.

“Game makers that want deep interactivity in their ads, or want pinpoint control over system resources, will benefit from our [previous] fusion.sdk solution,” said company co-founder and CTO Hillel Rom. “For those game makers that don’t have time in their development process to incorporate an SDK, or want to add advertising to back catalog titles, or perhaps want to avoid bothering the original developer in the case of games licensed from other regions, fusion.runtime opens up the revenue possibilities by delivering great advertising experiences.”

Double Fusion: In-game Ads Actually Work

in-game-advertising2.jpgOn Next-gen is word that gaming ad agency Double Fusio has carried out a new study that explores the effectiveness of in-game ads, concluding that they actually have influence over gamers’ buying decisions.

They surveyed the impact of 36 different kinds of in-game ads across 10 games of varying genres. The study implemented a methodology that included eye tracking in order to find out the effectiveness of the ad’s location, dimension and design. Here’s what they found:

  • 75% of gamers engage with at least one ad per minute across most, but not all, game types; 81% of gamers engage at least every other minute
  • Less-cluttered ads are three times as effective at garnering gamer notice than ads that are either cluttered or within cluttered environments
  • While both contribute positively to ad engagement, placement of the ad in the primary camera plane (eye-level) is more important than large size ads
  • Not all ads are created equal – dynamic billboards, around-game interstitials, sponsorships, and interactive product placements all offer different levels of user engagement and pervasiveness in the game
  • The data obtained from the study forms the basis for a new view on gaming measurement, which will allow gaming media plans to be constructed in a way that is both comparable and additive to other media plans

Further details can be found here.

Eidos Bows Down to Ads

Get used to this: Eidos has announced that it will display in-game ads in ten of its upcoming titles, all of which will be supported by Double Fusion, the in-game advertising specialists. This deal, which was signed for three years, will see advertisement displayed in several formats, ranging from dynamically served to product placements.

“This is an exciting and innovative opportunity for Eidos, we’re delighted to be working with Double Fusion and we fully believe that our titles will offer the perfect platform for the right media partners,” commented Jane Cavanagh, chief executive, Eidos Interactive.

Frank Sagnier, Double Fusion’s European managing director said: “We are truly excited about this partnership with Eidos. The quality and breadth of Eidos’ portfolio of games represents an ideal opportunity for advertisers to reach many millions of consumers in an uncluttered and engaging environment. It further strengthens videogames as a primary medium of choice to reach the elusive 18-34 year old audience.”

The games which will carry these ads weren’t specifically mentioned, but it was disclosed that they will be key titles.

War Rock Gets Ads

Feeling thirsty while fragging people? Want chicken fry with that? Double Fusion and K2 Network have announced their partnership to integrate dynamic in-game advertising in War Rock, an upcoming free MMOG.

Launching February 6, War Rock is a tactical FPS with lots of weapons, vehicles and multiple battle modes. It is currently in open beta and, as a member of K2‘s Free2Play series, will be free and open to all, though players will have the option to purchase access to extras.

Capitalizing on the resultant 18-34 year-old male demographic, Double Fusion will offer 2D and 3D ad and product placement opportunities within the game world. Advertisers will also be able to sponsor organized competitions, maps of new areas, items or services.

2K Games to have Advertising

More and more publishers are jumping on the “in-game ads” bandwagon: Take-Two is the latest one to be bitten by the bug. It has signed a deal with Double Fusion to offer in-game advertising in a selection of 2K Games and 2K Sports titles.

As per the terms of the agreement, Double Fusion will be the exclusive North American and European representative for advertising opportunities in 2K’s games throughout 2007 and 2008. In addition, it will serve as the exclusive representative and technology provider for dynamic in-game advertising across all PC and console platforms except for Xbox and Xbox 360.

THQ Gets Ads

In-game ads have become the “in” thing recently, with Midway and other publishers jumping in on the bandwagon. THQ is the latest to join the club, as it announced that it has signed a multi-title relationship with Double Fusion that will see three upcoming games from the publisher see in-game ads. No names were mentioned, though this bit discloses that they will be “new, original properties for next-gen and licensed properties scheduled for release this Fall.”