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New in-game Dead Island trailer shows off island resort

The first trailer was a bit of a sad affair (and a chronological nightmare), but this new in-game teaser for Dead Island is a more casual affair, taking the scenic route through the island resort of Banoi. More importantly, it’s a teaser of the main E3 trailer, apparently. With E3 in just a few weeks, this makes for a good excuse to get the gears going.

The game is due out later this year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Dead Island finds publisher, new screenshots

If you haven’t already seen the amazing trailer for Dead Island then stop wasting time and click here. The game will have you on a tropical island fighting for your life in the middle of a zombie outbreak.

Developer Techland was previously making the game without a publisher, but it seems it has finally found a home at Deep Silver. It is in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and is due out later this year. Enjoy seven new high-resolution screenshots below and don’t forget to check out the trailer.

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Amazing Dead Island trailer

Easily the best trailer of the year so far. It is simply amazing.

Dead Island is being made by Techland for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. It’s going to combine first-person action and role-playing with a clear emphasis on storytelling. Judging by the trailer, the storytelling part is down at least.

Deep Silver at GC

Deep Silver today announced that it will be present at the Leipzig Games Convention next month, showing off the following games at its booth:

ANNO 1701 – The sunken dragon: The add-on to the third instalment of the successful ANNO series (strategy; PC). Publisher: Deep Silver/Ubisoft

Ferrari Challenge: Realistic racing game from the famous Italian sports car manufacturer, with the official licence of the motor sports series of the same name (racing; PS3, DS, Wii). Publisher: Systemo3

Final Fantasy Tactics: Tactical Final Fantasy title featuring strategic, turn-based combat on battlefields in 3D (tactics; PlayStationPortable). Publisher: Square Enix

Flatout Ultimate Carnage: A brand new instalment of the successful, award-winning FlatOut series is launched just in time for the Games Convention. (racing; Xbox 360)- Publisher: Empire Interactive/Deep Silver

Secret Files 2: The sequel to Secret Files: Tunguska, the best German adventure game of 2006, which received several game of the year awards (adventure; PC). Publisher: Deep Silver

Heroes of Mana: Exciting real-time strategy featuring heroes and monsters from the MANA series (strategy; Nintendo DS). Publisher: Square Enix

Perry Rhodan: He is the world’s most popular astronaut, more famous than Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin or John Glenn. Now, for the first time, the fictional hero will appear in his own adventure (adventure; PC). Publisher: Brain Game/Deep Silver.

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria: State-of-the-art visuals and RPG combat systems from SQUARE ENIX, tell the story of a beautiful possessed princess caught in an epic struggle of the Norse gods. (RPG; PS2). Publisher: Square Enix.

The company also mentioned that it will announced further titles when part of the two trade fair highlights is presented at the beginning of next month.

Gothic 3 Collector's Edition to Include Soundtrack CD

Set for release next month, JoWood and Deep Silver sends word that the Collector’s Edition of Gothic 3 will include an exclusive soundtrack CD. It will include compositions written by Kai Rosenkranz and performed by the “Bochumer Philharmoniker.”

“The Collector`s Edition is a special way to say “thank you” to all our true fans out there, and it therefore should contain what the fans desire most; in all Gothic-related boards, the fans literally begged for the soundtrack to be included. In a last-minute-attempt we tried to add the soundtrack CDs to the already planned package – and we managed!” explains Johann Ertl, Community manager for JoWooD Productions.

Gothic 3 will be available starting October 13 in regular and Collector’s editions.

Deep Silver's GC 2006 Lineup

Depp Silver is showing off these games at GC 2006 at its booth in Hall 3, A12-18.

  • ANNO 1701: The third installment in the ANNO (Sim-Strategy, PC).
  • The Guild 2: Economic and life simulation of the European Middle Ages (Simulation, PC).
  • Secret Files: Tunguska: A candidate for the “Adventure Game of the Year Award” (Adventure, PC).
  • Gothic 3: The “Most Wanted German Role-Playing Game” (RPG, PC).
  • Mage Knight: Apocalypse: The Action RPG of the Mage Knight® universe (Action RPG, PC).
  • Paraworld: Highly-anticipated, enormous, and exciting Dinosaur-themed real-time strategy game (RTS, PC).
  • TrackMania United: The next installment of auto racing in the TrackMania dynasty. (Sport, PC). Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Warhammer: Mark of Chaos: Epic real-time strategy battles in the dark world of Warhammer. (RTS, PC).
  • Heroes of the Annihilated Empires: The next game from the creators of the Cossacks series (RTS/RPG, PC).
  • Kingdom Hearts 2: Part 2 of the Disney-Square Enix saga with Donald, Goofy and Sora (RPG, PS2).

Gothic 3 Camp at GC

If you needed any more reasons to go to the Games Convention in Leipzig, this is it:

Special games have a need for special measures and loyal fans deserve a reward. Developer Piranha Bytes, publisher JoWooD Productions and co-publisher Deep Silver are proud to announce the official Gothic 3 camp in the very heart of the Games Convention in Leipzig.

From the 23rd to the 27th (the camp is opened on 24th) of August, the exhibition space between halls 2 and 4 of the fair in Leipzig will be transformed into a fantastic scene. Utilizing hundreds of square meters, a medieval market, live action role playing swordfights and the public barbecuing of a suckling pig will ensure a Gothic-styled atmosphere. Other attractions will be provided as well as the opportunity for fans to deploy their own tents to provide a base while spending exciting hours with the developers. Only a few days after Piranha Bytes called their followers to arms, more than 300 fans enrolled for the campsite.

Gothic 3 is scheduled for release this October.