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Ebert (Once Again): "Games Aren't Art"

Roger Ebert, the film critic who blew away the notion that “videogames are art”, is at it again. He has posted once more on his website, this time focusing on Clive Barker’s keynote address at this year’s Hollywood and Games Summit on June 26. An esteemed British novelist and video game auteur, Barker defended games as an artistic medium, which Ebert directly attacks by saying that “games could not be high art, as I understand it.”

His lengthy article on the issue takes individual statements from Barker and tries to counter them with his own opinions. He points out that “art seeks to lead you to an inevitable conclusion, not a smorgasbord of choices,” which is actually quite a contradictory statement by itself, mostly because most of the great “art” out there urge you to think and are not direct with their meaning.

Ebert sums up his argument by saying that “we can debate art forever.” Yes, Mr. Ebert, we obviously can, but you have to make sense in the debate and not ramble about incessantly about unrelated things.