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Carpenter would love to make Dead Space film; I think he’s the best man for the job

John Carpenter

John Carpenter is one of the most respected filmmakers alive. He’s famous for having made Halloween, The Thing, and In the Mouth of Madness, all of which are considered to be some of the best horror films ever made. Having said that, Carpenter would now love to make a movie on Dead Space.

He revealed this to Game Informer, adding that “it’s just great stuff.” The filmmaker notes that it’s “ready-made”, referring to its sci-fi horror story of people coming across an abandoned spaceship and finding something aboard.

While all this is exciting, it’s sad to point out that the franchise’s future is yet unclear. EA has made it known that Dead Space 3, despite being well received by critics, didn’t do so well at retail. The game introduced cooperative modes that worked its way into the story; however, it moved away from psychological horror to action horror, which some fans have said was a major blow to the popularity of the series.

Whatever may happen to the series, Carpenter expressing interest in it is a big deal. The man is a legend at horror, and his work on In the Mouth of Madness shows that he can handle Lovecraftian stories quite well. Dead Space has a lot of Lovecraft vibes going on, so Carpenter not only makes sense, he’s the best man around to do a film adaptation of it. His work on The Prince of Darkness was amazing, too, which further solidifies this argument.

Carpenter for Dead Space. The ball is now in EA’s court.

Working replica of Plasma Cutter from Dead Space is all sorts of cool

Ever wondered just how cool the Plasma Cutter from Dead Space would be in real life? Patrick Priebe thought so too, and he went on to create a scarily realistic working replica of the weapon.

He spent about 200 hours making the weapon. It shoots five laser beams—three green lasers for aiming, and two blue, 1500 milliwatt beams for burning stuff. The replica can change between horizontal and vertical orientations similar to the game; it also ejects energy packs after every round.

Although it’s not exactly suitable for killing Necromorphs, or anything else for that matter, it’s still powerful enough to cut through wood or plastic. He hasn’t released any instructions or videos regarding the building process. However, you can buy yourself a copy by ordering through his website.

Dead Space Comic Book Released

Finished Dead Space, but want more of the lore? Run to your nearest comic book store, as today marks the release of the hardbook comic based on the game. It serves as a prequel story for the game and has been written by Antony Johnson and illustrated by Ben Templesmith.

The book also features an exclusive bonus art section and a background section on the major characters.

Dead Space Premium Packs Announced

Capitalizing on the success of Dead Space, EA today announced that they will be releasing premium upgrade packs for the in-game hero. Starting November 13, you will be able to download quite a few new suits and weapons, including some very strong ones.

Hit the jump for the full list of items. The DLC will be released on both PS3 and Xbox 360. No plans for a PC release were given.

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Dead Space Unveiled

gioct.jpgThe October issue of Game Informer magazine features the big reveal of Dead Space, an upcoming survival horror game from EA. It is said to be similar in style to Event Horizon as well as other straight-up horror films.

According to the magazine cover, the game is being developed by a “renegade team” at the behemoth publisher and is set in the “far reaches of space”. The game will feature “forgotten alien scourge” as enemies, with the playing donning the role of “one man cutting through darkness”.