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Steam Gives out Guest Passes

A highly welcome move by Valve is the introduction of “Guest Pass” in Steam, allowing owners of certain Steam games send time-limited demos to their friends. This post on the service’s website states that a beta will be conducted after which the Guest Pass system will be extended to Day of Defeat: Source owners.

No specific titles were mentioned, though Half-Life 2 and other big titles can be taken as staples.

Second DoD "Free Weekend"

Scorned by your DoD-playing friends for being a cheapskate? Shove bullets into their heads next week as Valve has announced the second Day of Defeat: Source “Free Weekend”.

Those who haven’t purchased the game will be able to check it out starting 1 pm (Pacific Time) on July 7 through 10. Participants in Valve’s philanthropic gesture will also be able to play the new “Jagd” and “Colmar” maps that are being raved about.

New C-S and DoD Maps

Posted before the weekend, but unnoticed somehow, is a Steam update that hypes the newly released SiN: Emergence game as well as the upcoming first Episode for Half-Life 2. The update also discusses maps for Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat Source, stating that new maps for the multiplayer shooters will be released soon:

Counter-Strike: Source has more HDR-enabled versions of maps on the way, along with some enhancements to the game itself. Day of Defeat: Source is getting ready for a significant release that will add a number of new features, along with a new map named Colmar. Colmar is the first map to take advantage of a new objective system that allows us to build different kinds of levels than currently exist. Stay tuned for specifics on how the map plays out, but for now here’s a screenshot of the sleepy night-time village.

Below are the mentioned screenshots: