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PS4’s share button can be disabled by devs; Cage expects ‘water cooler effect’


The PS4 share button was an immediate nod to social media when Sony unveiled the console a few months ago. It will be used to share screenshots and videos, among other things, with other users on the web. However, there were concerns that it would be too open and would enable players to spoil games for others.

This is where SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida stepped in. He said that developers will be able to disable the share button during certain parts of their games. He revealed this in a Japanese interview translated by Edge.

This comes as relief to David Cage of Quantic Dream, though he’s not too worried about his narrative-driven games being spoiled. In fact, he notes that the share button would enable the “water cooler effect” effect the studio had with Heavy Rain.

“People talked about [Heavy Rain],” he noted. “They said, ‘I did this. What did you do?’”

Cage added that on the PS4 gamers would be able to capture and share their experiences of the game with their friends. “They are free to enjoy it the way they want,” he concluded.

He also talked about the new PS4 controller, adding that studios must embrace it and come up with new and interesting designs to enhance gameplay. Cage refused to talk about the studio’s PS4 project.

David Cage: I don’t make games for money


David Cage is known best for making narrative games—Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain are great testaments of what he can do. Having said that, what motivates him to make videogames? Not money, he said in an interview with VG247.

 “I don’t do work for hire. I don’t make games to make money. I make games by passion, because I want to share something, because I have something to tell.”

He also went on to say that he puts a lot of himself in his games. Cage noted that Heavy Rain was partly based on the trials and tribulations he went through with his own fatherhood. Beyond: Two Souls, his upcoming game, is more about death and the afterlife.

“It was really me being confronted with death. I lost someone I felt close to, and I wanted to write something about that,” he said.

On a related topic, he also talked about his relationship with Sony, noting that they never asked or forced him into doing a sequel for Heavy Rain despite it making over $100 million for the company. He also discusses the non-chronological nature of Beyond’s gameplay. It’s a very interesting interview and a fascinating read.

Heavy Rain creator believes current generation hardware enough for his ideas

davidcageWe’re on the verge of next-gen consoles now, but that doesn’t seem to matter to David Cage. The creator of Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, in an interview with Develop, said that he is simply not interested in the next PlayStation or Xbox consoles. In fact, he believes that his ideas can play out on current generation gaming hardware just fine.

But to be honest, I’m not that interested in technology or the next generation of consoles. If we could continue with PlayStation 3 for another five years it would be fine with me. I think the main challenges are on the creative side than on the technical side.

Are there technical things I can’t do on PS3? Honestly, no. The limitation is much more about the ideas we have. When you look at the past, you realized that the technology evolved must faster than the concepts we rely on.

Quantic Dream, Cage’s studio, unveiled the bleeding-edge “Kara” tech demo earlier this year. It seems to me that he’s advocating clever usage of current technology, as well as brilliant ideas that look towards the future, than chase higher definition graphics and more polygons.

Quantic Dream working on “next generation technology”, Cage shoots down Horizon rumors


My respect for David Cage of Quantic Dream just shot up through the roof.

The man behind Fahrenheit (also called Indigo Prophecy) and Heavy Rain, while speaking with Eurogamer, said that the studio is focusing on developing the next generation of “technology” for its games instead of “milking the cow” that is Heavy Rain.

“Most of the team currently works on the next generation of technology and future concepts,” he said. “We plan to significantly improve the technology compared to Heavy Rain, continue to take risks and explore new grounds.

“Many people wondered why we were not ‘milking the cow’ after the success of Heavy Rain – why we were not creating a sequel for next Christmas. It may sound weird from the outside, but this is really not how I see my company.”

Cage also noted that Quantic is not working on a project called Horizon. He notes that if they were, he would not be secretive about it.

“I don’t know where this information comes from but there is no project called Horizon featuring a couple in a science-fiction world currently in development at Quantic Dream,” he said. “Though if the script is available it sounds like a good idea.

Flickr photo by Jarle Hrafn Grindhaug