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Namco Bandai Acquiring D3

Gamesindustry.biz reports that Namco Bandai has upped its stake in publisher D3 to 95% and that it plans on acquiring the remainder of the company as well.

This includes D3’s development studio – Vicious Cycle – and the company’s US and European arms. Namco is doing this to bolster its position in western markets.

The site reports that D3’s operations will remain unchanged at the time and that development of its titles is ongoing and “will move forward as planned.”

Dark Sector Gets Dated

In a press release by the European wing of D3Publisher it was announced that Dark Sector will be released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 across the region on January 22, 2008.

The game is being developed by Digital Extremes, co-creators of the extremely successful Unreal franchise, and will feature a “dark, gritty” experience for players. To celebrate the release date, the game’s official website has been revamped and it now features development blogs, exclusive assets, and more.

D3P at GC

D3Publisher sent out word that it will be present at the Leipzig Games Convention next month, showing the latest build of Dark Sector on PS3 and Xbox 360 among other titles. Here’s the deal:

Publicly playable for the first time, Dark Sector is Digital Extreme’s breath-taking third-person action title. Set within a plague-ravaged Eastern European city, the player is cast as Hayden Tenno, a Government Agent sent to investigate the heavily patrolled area, but inadvertently infected by a mutagen that is endowing him with ever-increasing powers. Armed with a unique Glaive weapon which can kill multiple targets with one throw, and with a host of adversaries beautifully tied in with the unfolding plot, Dark Sector is a stunning game that mixes exploration, action and puzzles with aplomb. Games Convention will be used to show the latest build of the title, which is now scheduled for a Q1 2008 release.

Ben 10: Protector of Earth is the first of two new Cartoon Network properties on show. Players assume control of the cartoon’s everyday hero Ben Tennyson, as he uses the power of the Omnitrix – an alien artefact embedded in his arm – to change his appearance to battle the evil Kevin 11 and arch enemy Vilgax. Due for release on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation2 and PSP (PlayStationPortable), Ben 10: Protector of Earth perfectly mirrors the adventures of the cartoon series and features a wealth of characters and situations from the popular Cartoon Network show.

Ed, Edd and Eddy: Scam of the Century stars the three ne’er-do-wells as they find their book of schemes stolen by Captain Melonhead and handed out to the local kids. Exploring a wealth of 2D locations, the three ‘heroes’ must pit their assorted skills and retrieve the book before their nefarious plots are used against them. Due for release in October for Nintendo DS, Scam of the Century marks a fitting video game misadventure for the misbehaving trio…

Further showcasing the variety of titles under the D3PE banner, Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire is a massive role-playing title exclusively for Nintendo Wii. Set in a fantasy world devastated by evil dragons, a young warrior must locate the mythical Dragon Blade of the title – a weapon endowed with the powers of Dragons and capable of seeing off the fire-breathing monsters. Graphically stunning, Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire uses both the Wii Remote and Nunchuck controllers to offer full control of the player and weapon, with movements from both realised in special attacks on screen. The game also boasts a storyline by Richard A. Knack, creator of the DragonLance range. With its upgradeable weapons and massive battles, Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire will also be playable on the D3PE stand.

The company will also show off the Vicious Cycle development engine to interested game developers. D3PE can be found at stand K37, hall one.

Mad Tracks Bravo Expansion Live

D3Publisher sends word that it has released the Bravo expansion pack for Mad Tracks on Xbox Live Arcade for the console. The third part of the Mad Tracks trilogy, Bravo offers seven races and eight original mini-games. Environments include Antarctica, German Dance Hall and a French Museum. The expansion is going for 350 points.

Additionally, they have also released a Xbox 360 theme based off the game. Dubbed Crazy Cars, the theme pack goes for 150 points.

Puzzle Quest Expanding

D3Publisher has announced that it will release Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords for Wii, PS2 and PC this Fall along with a mobile version in early 2008. The best-selling puzzle game for DS will also be available in the coming months on Xbox Live Arcade as previously announced.

“The lightning quick acceptance and praise we received from fans and press for the fun, deeply immersive gaming experience we created by mixing RPG elements with puzzle gameplay were a dream come true when Puzzle Quest launched,” said Steve Fawkner, lead designer and chief executive officer of Infinite Interactive Pty. Ltd., creators of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. “The gaming community has offered such warm support and we are elated to open the game up to more fans by offering new ways to play.”

The PSP, PS2 and Wii versions are being developed by Vicious Cycle Software, while the PC version is being handled by THQ’s ValuSoft and Wireless divisions.

D3Publisher's Q1 2007 Lineup

D3Publisher has announced its lineup for Q1, focusing on the two competing portables – DS and PSP. Their lineup consists of Puzzle Quest, Challenge of the Warlords, Fossil League and Cube. Details:

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is available on the PSP® and the Nintendo DS™ handheld system. Puzzle Quest’s genre-bending style of gameplay is rooted in a classic puzzle gameboard setting and incorporates role-playing and strategy elements, multiplayer gameplay modes and an engaging storyline that will immerse players in the richly diverse game world, offering a compelling gameplay experience.

Set in the Warlords universe, Puzzle Quest challenges gamers to create, develop and customise the ultimate hero to save the land of Etheria from the evil Lord Bane. In order to advance, players will battle in turn-based, head-to-head “match-three” style puzzle games in one of three distinct gameplay modes: Single-player will allow gamers to battle against the computer AI as they embark on over 150 challenging quests, Instant Action will allow gamers to jump in and immediately play continuous battles to level-up characters without participating in quests, and Multiplayer will allow games to battle live opponents via wireless connectivity on both the PSP system and Nintendo DS handheld system. Victory will advance the player’s hero, magical arsenal, creature companions and more-ultimately rewarding gamers at nearly every turn and providing endless hours of replayablity.

Available exclusively for the Nintendo DS™, Fossil League follows the epic journey of boy action-star Taiga as he travels back in time to historic Jurassic eras to recover his stolen and most personal treasure, the “Big Mother” fossil. Fossil League offers unique Pokemon-style RPG action with players adventuring as Taiga to battle, tame, and collect realistic 3D dinosaur models each with their own special powers. A “dinopedia” will give players true dinosaur facts and game tips as they engage in fun mini-games, utilise special attacks and experience cool archaeological digs.

Cube is available exclusively for the PSP™ and is a highly addictive strategy/puzzle game that challenges players to make their way through suspended 3D worlds of platforms and mazes. Each level is jam-packed with obstacles and collectible items for players of all ages to enjoy. Offering endless hours of replayability, players can explore Cube on impulse or take down total environments in one sitting. Cube offers compelling single and multiplayer modes and allows players to create and share custom levels with friends.

WTF Hitting America

wtfscream5Sure to stand out in store shelves will be D3Publisher’s WTF when it hits stores September 26. A collection of “fun and addictive mini-games” for the PSP, When The Fuck will have players testing their skills and earning (virtual) cash in more than 30 mini-games.

Loved by the Japanese, WTF will let players use their earned money to unlock more games and collect hundreds of unique prizes. Among these prizes will be “real world” tools for the PSP including the Bar Calculator, World Clock, Ramen Timer, Flashlight and more. Multiplayer will be supported through wireless, letting up to five players duke it out in mini-games.

Dead Head Fred Announced

D3Publisher has announced that it will showcase Dead Head Fred, an exclusive PSP title from Vicious Cycle, at E3 starting today. The game will have players “embark on a quest for vengeance” to solve their own murder using the decapitated heads of enemies to battle through environments designed to highlight each head’s capabilities. Here’s more:

In Dead Head Fred, players take on the persona of private detective Fred Neuman. Savagely murdered and then resurrected in a bizarre scientific experiment, Fred is without his memory or his head! The game immerses players in the action with the most revolutionary camera to date on a handheld device as they collect, upgrade and switch heads on the fly to strategically fight malformed mutants, ghoulish gangsters, and maniacal mob bosses in a unique and compelling story of revenge and redemption.

Dead Head Fred is scheduled for release during Q1 2007. It will be showcased as part of D3PE’s E3 lineup at booth #546 in the South Hall.

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