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Namco Bandai Courting D3 Publisher

While Square Enix was courting Eidos, Namco Bandai is said to be making a play for D3 Publisher, according to a Japanese press release.

Namco has already secured 70% of D3 shares, and hopes to acquire the remaining 30% for full control of the company. The publisher hopes that the acquisition will allow the two companies to cooperate in their overseas expansion efforts, in addition to bolstering D3’s content with Namco’s toy, amusement, video and networking divisions.

D3 is known for publishing titles like Dark Sector, Puzzle Quest, Naruto and Ben 10.

Dark Sector Teaser Trailer, Screenshots

The third teaser trailer for Dark Sector has been released, showing another re-invention of the original sci-fi title. Available in HD and SD resolutions, the teaser can be downloaded from the game’s official website which, after almost 3 years, still hasn’t matured into a full site, though it is now host to an official developer blog.

A couple of screenshots from the re-imagined Dark Sector are available on 3D Gamers.

Dark Sector