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Wrong Version of Merchants of Brooklyn on Steam

For those of you who purchased Paleo Entertainment’s CryENGINE 2-powered shooter Merchants of Brooklyn, read up: the item you bought was the alpha version. This is why you’ve been having audio, video and performance problems with the game.

"We are fully aware of the problems that occurred with the initial release of M.O.B.," wrote Paleo Entertainment on their official forums. "Unfortunately, the incorrect version went up on Steam. The Alpha version was released initially, this has been corrected."

Paleo adds: "Please log in/log out of Steam to receive the correct version of M.O.B. We will be patching this game periodically to correct any issues that arise, as well as new and exciting features and multiplayer modes!"

Crysis Engine Being Used in Korean MMO

The engine behind Crysis is being used to power an upcoming action-strategy MMO, as Seoul-based Reloaded Studios announced that they have licensed CryENGINE 2 from German developer Crytek.

“When we saw the stunning concept visuals and exciting game design ideas they shared with us we immediately knew that what they have planned will be a true next-generation MMORPG, and become the kind of game which will set the visual and game play standards against which future MMO?s will be judged,” said Crytek director Faruk Yerli in the announcement.

Though no information is known about the project, it is the first title for the studio, which was formed last month. It was founded with industry vets from Korean MMO-publisher Webzen along with the creators of MMORPG MU Online.

CryEngine 2 Powering MMORPG

XL Games today announced that they have licensed CryEngine 2 for use in their newest MMORPG. Powering the upcoming Crysis shooter, the engine is capable of rendering dense tropical jungles and offers advanced physics. The engine has also been licensed by other developers for use in their titles.

“We are very excited to be working with the Crytek team again” says Vice President and Technical Director Patrick Doane. “We previously had a lot of success using their ground breaking CryENGINE 1 technology while at NCSoft for AION, and after seeing what it could do in the early previews of Crysis, we just knew we wanted to continue to work with their great new tools and engine”.

No information on the game itself was mentioned though.

Entropia Universe to Use CyrEngine 2

MindArk has announced that they’ve licensed CryENGINE 2 that is powering Crysis, for use in Entropia Universe, its MMOG that uses real cash economy. The transition to this new engine is expected to be finished by mid-2008 and will be available to all its partners.

Creator MindArk PE AB’s CEO Jan Welter Timkrans explains, “The upgrade of Entropia Universe will be built around the spectacular features supplied by CryENGINE 2, offering a complete and immersive experience to Entropia participants. It will create synergies between the proven and safe Real Cash Economy backbone, the Entropia storyline with colonists fighting to establish a new world, and the very life-like visuals supplied from CryENGINE 2.” He continues, “When we saw what the engine was capable of, we immediately understood that it would be perfect for Entropia, as both MindArk and Crytek are pioneers in their respective fields.”