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Crusader Kings Expansion Announced

An expansion pack to Crusader Kings, the strategy game in which players try to create the most powerful dynasty of medieval Europe, has been announced. To be available in September for $15, Deus Vult adds various inter-character relations, new gameplay aspects and added options for diplomacy, revised interface for streamlined gameplay and a variety of new events and improvements made to the tools used by modders.

The expansion will be available only through digital download on GamersGate in September.


Read on for patches…

  • A v1.01 patch for Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland is available. No details available.
  • The v1.05 update for Crusader Kings can be downloaded from Paradox, offering a variety of gameplay changes and tweaks.
  • On Legacy Interactive’s site is a new patch for Law & Order: Criminal Intent, addressing a navigation bug and other issues.
  • Although the game isn’t in stores yet, a v1.01 patch for The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II is now available, offering stability improvements and fixes for desync issues.
  • The Pacific Fighters website offers a v4.04 update for the aerial combat game.