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21 Million DS Sold Worldwide

Nintendo’s been on a roll for some time now: the company, following its “DS Lite is Big in Europe” announcement, today sent out word that it has sold – wait for it – 21 million Nintendo DS units worldwide. Just to show how popular it is, Nintendo equated the rate of DS sales to 23 systems per minute, which, in turn, equates to one unit sold every two seconds… non-stop since launch. CRAZY!

“We’re thrilled to be announcing this milestone today,” says George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications, “especially since Nintendo DS was North America’s top-selling video game system of any type in June. We attribute this success to Nintendo’s overall strategy of offering something for everyone – from five-year-olds caring for their Nintendogs to 65-year-olds tuning their mental agility with Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day.”

The DS has recently received a push in sales thanks to the release of DS Lite, a smaller, but better redesign of the dual-screen handheld. Additionally, the company, whose executives must now be swimming in pools of money, has announced that it will launching more new games for both the DS and GBA in the coming months.

WTF Hitting America

wtfscream5Sure to stand out in store shelves will be D3Publisher’s WTF when it hits stores September 26. A collection of “fun and addictive mini-games” for the PSP, When The Fuck will have players testing their skills and earning (virtual) cash in more than 30 mini-games.

Loved by the Japanese, WTF will let players use their earned money to unlock more games and collect hundreds of unique prizes. Among these prizes will be “real world” tools for the PSP including the Bar Calculator, World Clock, Ramen Timer, Flashlight and more. Multiplayer will be supported through wireless, letting up to five players duke it out in mini-games.