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Counter-Strike Online for Asia

Valve and Nexon have announced Counter-Strike Online, a new online version of the most popular multiplayer game that will be tailored for Asia. Under the terms of their agreement, Nexon will be develop and publish the game in South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.

“It is our utmost pleasure to be able to develop Counter-Strike Online with Valve,” said David K. Lee, CEO of NEXON Japan Co., Ltd. “We will be devoting our expertise in online game development and service know-how for Asian territories to Counter-Strike Online. Already a global phenomenon, we are confident we can grow the success of Counter-Strike with this new product by tailoring the gameplay for the millions of gamers in Asia, one of the gaming industry’s fastest growing territories.”

Counter-Strike, released as a mod for Half-Life in 1999, is now the number one FPS multiplayer game, generating over seven billion player minutes per month and having sold over nine million retail copies worldwide.

Counter-Strike to Get Updates

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThe latest Steam message is up, offering word that Valve will soon be releasing a series of updates to Counter-Strike: Source focused on moving the core gameplay “forward”.

The first update will include an updated version of the map Train featuring an HDR lighting pass, some minor layout changes and bugfixes. Second round will see the release of a completely reworked radar system.

New C-S and DoD Maps

Posted before the weekend, but unnoticed somehow, is a Steam update that hypes the newly released SiN: Emergence game as well as the upcoming first Episode for Half-Life 2. The update also discusses maps for Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat Source, stating that new maps for the multiplayer shooters will be released soon:

Counter-Strike: Source has more HDR-enabled versions of maps on the way, along with some enhancements to the game itself. Day of Defeat: Source is getting ready for a significant release that will add a number of new features, along with a new map named Colmar. Colmar is the first map to take advantage of a new objective system that allows us to build different kinds of levels than currently exist. Stay tuned for specifics on how the map plays out, but for now here’s a screenshot of the sleepy night-time village.

Below are the mentioned screenshots:

Steam Gets "Friends"

As usual, the latest Steam update has been posted, and this time it talks about the delivery service’s “Friends system” which is nearing the end of its beta phase.

Friends allows you to see when your friends are playing games, and lets users chat with each other both inside and outside of many Steam games. There are also a number of additional features we’ll be adding to it over time. Early next week, we’ll be updating Steam with a convenient way to join the Friends beta.

The update also discloses word that Valve plans on updating older Counter-Strike: Source maps and adding HDR support to them.

Valve and IGA Kiss and Make Up

Valve and IGA have announced that they have reached an “amicable” resolution to any differences regarding the in-game Counter-Strike: Source ads which showed up a while ago. This pardons IGA and its advertisers from any liability. Both the companies are looking forward to discussing “mutually beneficial opportunities” – i.e. ads in C-S: Source – in the future.