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5 Costume Ideas for Gamers

Guest post by Sara Pierpoint

Whether they’re attending cosplay events, gaming conventions such as Gen Con, or even just a Halloween party, some gamers love to dress up as their favorite characters. There’s a nearly endless number of possibilities when it comes to video game costumes, but there are a few ideas that are relatively easy to assemble and guaranteed to get recognized.

Mario Bros.

Mario Bros. costume

When it comes to boy’s Halloween costumes from video games, hardly anything is more recognizable than Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi. Mario wears a red long sleeved shirt under blue overalls. He also sports white gloves and black shoes. A red hat with a large letter ‘M’ on the front and a big black mustache complete Mario’s simple look. Luigi also wears blue overalls, but his long sleeved shirt is green and his green hat has a prominent letter ‘L’ on the front. Luigi sports a big black mustache and white gloves just like Mario. Some Mario Bros. costumes are even equipped with inflatable bellies to help the wearer achieve the portly look that is sported by both brothers.

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