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Wii U’s copy protection apparently broken


It wasn’t too long before Wii U’s copy protection would be broken. So, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise as a group of hackers are now claiming to have played pirated Wii U games from USB media.

The group is said to have broken the console’s authentication system, disk encryption, and other related stuff to be able to play pirated games. They’re calling the device an “optical drive emulator,” which it claims uses an “embedded Linux system” and doesn’t require soldering. It is said to be compatible with all current models of the console.

Nintendo has said that it’s aware of the claims made by the group. However, it said that there have been no reports of its hardware being modded to play games.

The company has previously deployed software updates and model revisions to deter piracy on Wii. It’s not clear at this moment what this means for the console’s future. If its copy protection has indeed been broken, you can expect to see torrents of Wii U games going up quite soon.

CDV Ditches Starforce, Settles for Lesser Evil

Following Ubisoft, German publisher CDV has publicized that it has ditched the notorious Starforce copyright protection system and will be migrating to TAGES copy protection for future titles.

TAGES will first be integrated into the retail release of Glory of the Roman Empire which is scheduled to hit North America on June 26. The publisher will continue to integrate TAGES on a case-by-case basis after the release of the game.

No StarForce in SpellForce 2

Responding to negative reactions to the inclusion of StarForce, seemingly the world’s most hated copy protection program, Aspyr has sent out word that although the recently released SpellForce 2 demo features StarForce, the full retail version will feature some other less-hated copy protection software.

Aspyr Media is responsible for publishing the North American release of Spellforce 2. We wanted everyone to know that Starforce will *not* be included in the retail release of this game. Starforce is being used in the demo in cooperation with the European publishers of the title, JoWood Productions. This is to help prevent reverse engineering that could lead to our product being put up on illegal software networks. We apologize for any inconveniences Starforce may have caused and would again like to reassure everyone that we have chosen alternative copy protection software for our final release product. Thank you for your interest in Spellforce 2!