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Conviction Redesign Rumor Dismissed

Following rumors that Splinter Cell: Conviction had been pushed back for a major redesign, Ubisoft has commented on the matter, dismissing said rumor with two words – “pure speculation”.

The rumor originates from a report in Xbox World 360 magazine that claimed the game wasn’t groundbreaking enough and was already outdated by Assassin’s Creed, hence the redesign.

Conviction has Sam Fisher stripped of his gadgets, instead relying on old-school techniques such as crowd blending and the like. More information is expected from the upcoming Ubidays event.

Groove Addicts Convicted

The fifth and latest installment of popular Tom Clancy series Splinter Cell: Conviction will see the foray of Groove Addicts bring their brand of orchestral-electronic fusion to the game alongside composers Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen.

“It’s the most definitive music I have heard to date for the series. I would go so far to call it ‘classic Splinter Cell,’ ” says Simon Pressey, Ubisoft Montreal’s Technical & Artistic Director of Audio.

Conviction is the latest in the series, having players go through a tough time as Sam is betrayed by his agency. The game will be out on PC and Xbox 360 this November.