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4 Million Wii Units to Cover Market by Yearend

Although it is known that Nintendo will ship tons of Wii units on launch day, the exact numbers weren’t clear until now. The company has officially announced that it will ship approximately 4 million units globally between the system’s launch on November 19 in the Americas and the end of 2006. North America will be getting the majority of the shipments, though region-wise breakdowns weren’t provided.

As mentioned above, the Wii will launch on November 19 in North America for $250, coming packed with Wii Sports, a collection of five sports games; the console will launch in Japan and other regions in the following month. A total of 62 new and classic games will be available for the console during its launch period, along with Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on launch day.

360 Successfully Launches in Australia

Proving that the Xbox brand is very popular down under, Microsoft released its Xbox 360 console to much fanfare in Australia. Marking the most successful console launch in the region, around 30,000 units of the Xbox 360 were sold, a third of which were purchased at midnight the day of release. This beats out the previous record of PSP’s 27,000 when it launched last September.

In contrast to North America however, Australian gamers picked up an average of 3 games per console, compared with 4 games in the Western hemisphere.