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New Company of Heroes Title Announced

THQ today announced Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, a new standalone chapter in the popular RTS franchise from Relic Entertainment. The game will offer three new campaigns, as well as new units, multiplayer modes and a “direct-fire” feature that allows more tactical control during battle.

In development at series creator Relic Entertainment, the game will be fully compatible with its predecessor and utilized the developer’s in-house Essence engine.

It is expected to be out during spring 2009.

Wednesday Demos and Patches

Two patches were released on Wednesday, which I’m late at reporting on Friday. First up is a Company of Heroes patch, updating the WWII RTS to v1.71. The update includes general fixes and tweaks and balance changes. Grab it from the official website, 3D Downloads, ActionTrip, FileFront and Gamer’s Hell. Owners of the Steam version of the game will get the update automatically.

On Strategy Informer is the v1.1 update for various language edition of Space Force: Rogue Universe.

As for demos, only two were released: a LAN demo (direct link) for ThreadSpace: Hyperbol. Just like the online demo which was released a while back, this offers a chance to check out the game on networks that do not have any Internet access. Finally, a second playable demo for CivIV: Beyond the Sword is also available, offering the chance to play the first 100 turns of the Charlemagne campaign. Grab it from ComputerGames.ro, Gamespot and Gamer’s Hell.

Company of Heroes Online Announced

THQ sends word that it has partnered with Chinese developer Shanda to co-development and publish an online-only version of Company of Heroes, its critically acclaimed RTS from Relic Entertainment. Simply dubbed Company of Heroes Online, the game is being developed by the original aforementioned developer and Shanda for release across China – where Shanda has obtained the exclusive license to operate the game – sometime next year.

The game will allow players to build their character up from private to general through multiplayer cooperative missions, gameplay modes and PvP combat. No other information was revealed.