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Ken Block in DIRT 2

Codemasters today announced that Ken Block, the multi-medal-winning Subaru Rally Team USA driver and co-founder of DC Shoes, has been signed on as one of the key motorsport athletes who will be featured in Colin McRae: DIRT 2.

X Games team-mate of the late Colin McRae, Block is at the forefront of a new breed of pro drivers, competing as Subaru Rally Team USA Driver #43 in the Rally America National Championship and the world-famous X Games. He has also gained notoriety for his mind-blowing stunts in his Subaru WRX STI. For Colin McRae: DiRT 2, Block is working with the development team at Codemasters Studios as technical consultant, lending his wealth of knowledge to the game and advising on car handling.

“Colin McRae is one of the main reasons that I am a rally driver. He is a big inspiration to me and the way I drive my rally car,” said Ken Block. “It’s really an honour to be a contributor to the creation of Colin McRae: DiRT 2 and to be able to continue the passion that Colin had for rally and for these videogames.”

They have released a video where Block discusses his relationship with the legendary driver and how he was inspired by McRae to pursue his own career.

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Dirt Hitting PS3 in September

Codemasters has announced that Colin McRae: DIRT will launch this September for the PS3. Already available for PC and Xbox 360, the PS3 version will retain all content and gameplay, but will add force feedback steering wheel functionality and a “top-spec” audio system exclusive to the format. The game will be compatible with many wheels originally released for the PS2, while one of the PS3’s SPUs will be dedicated to audio, delivering 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound.

To prove that the game is indeed coming to the PS3, the company has released a couple of screenshots from the game which can be viewed below. They’ve also released a new damage video with producer commentary that can be downloaded from the game’s website or viewed online at Youtube.

Demos and Patches

The only demo released yesterday was GODS: Lands of Infinity, showcasing content from the Special Edition version of the RPG. It can be found on 3D Downloads, Gamer’s Hell and Strategy Informer.

There were two patches released yesterday. First up is an update to Colin McRae: DIRT, upgrading it to v1.2. It adds additional leader boards and addresses a bug that could result in corrupted save games. Grab it from 3D Downloads, FileFront, Gamer’s Hell and Strategy Informer.

The other patch was for Secret Files: Tunguska, updating the point-and-click adventure game to v1.03. Grab it from the official website.

DIRT Powered by Neon

Codemsters sends word that Colin McRae: DIRT will be powered by its proprietary Neon engine. The engine, developed solely for (now) current-generation platforms, will provide “sensational” realism and car handling, as well as incredibly detailed vehicles and living environments. Here’s a bit on Neon:

Neon is a multi-platform continuous technical development that’s already been in production for over 18 months with over 30 tech experts on the team. Neon is being used to build Colin McRae: DIRT from the ground up with technology developed exclusively for next-generation formats; there’s no adaptation of previous McRae tech in DIRT.

Neon will ensure that DIRT’s exhilarating mix of off-road race events will be compounded into one adrenaline rush of a video game with playability that’s true to the Colin McRae series.

The detail Neon provides enables the team to model locations and environments as accurately as possible, providing each with a unique look and feel, right down to the effects of the wind.

Using real-time physics to model air movements, everything will be affected by the wind: exhaust smoke, trees, foliage, trackside flags, rainfall and the vehicles themselves. A car will create an air rush wake that will have an effect on everything it passes and also generate a real-time slipstream.

Impact from damage will see metal crumple, glass smash and everything that you collide with in the environment will be destroyed in a realistic way. Small trees snap and bend, grass can be flattened, wood will splinter and stone will be smashed, it’ll even wrap a car around a tree if the crash is serious enough.

Colin McRae: DIRT will feature 40 officially licensed cars from 12 car class categories, including prototypes. The game is scheduled for release sometime next year for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Below are some screenshots:

cmrdirt_rally_04.jpg cmrdirt_paj_rally_raid_car_cam.jpg cmrdirt_rally_03.jpg cmrdirt_audi_hillclimb_car_cam.jpg

cmrdirt_audi_hillclimb_replay.jpg cmrdirt_subaru_replay.jpg cmrdirt_rally_05trav.jpg cmrdirt_swift_car_cam.jpg

Colin McRae Rally 2007 Announced

2007 will mark the return of Colin McRae…to the next-gen! Codemasters has announced CMR07, an all-new game in the off-road racing series that will go beyond the series old games and offer extreme competitions, sensationalgravels, mud and dirt racing events across the world.

The cars featured in the game will be official cars on tracks based on real roads and locations around the globe. It will also feature multiplayer modes and will be released on next-gen consoles next year.