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Ebert (Once Again): "Games Aren't Art"

Roger Ebert, the film critic who blew away the notion that “videogames are art”, is at it again. He has posted once more on his website, this time focusing on Clive Barker’s keynote address at this year’s Hollywood and Games Summit on June 26. An esteemed British novelist and video game auteur, Barker defended games as an artistic medium, which Ebert directly attacks by saying that “games could not be high art, as I understand it.”

His lengthy article on the issue takes individual statements from Barker and tries to counter them with his own opinions. He points out that “art seeks to lead you to an inevitable conclusion, not a smorgasbord of choices,” which is actually quite a contradictory statement by itself, mostly because most of the great “art” out there urge you to think and are not direct with their meaning.

Ebert sums up his argument by saying that “we can debate art forever.” Yes, Mr. Ebert, we obviously can, but you have to make sense in the debate and not ramble about incessantly about unrelated things.

Jericho Screenshots

Showing off Clive Barker‘s genius is four screenshots from Jericho, his upcoming horror shooter. In development at Mercury Steam for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, the game will have players step into the shoes of a seven-man strike-force that is trained in both conventional warfare and the arcane arts. Further information inside.

jericho_app_0310060005.jpg jericho_app_nu0310060002.jpg jericho_app_0310060006.jpg jericho_app_shot3.JPG

A 30-second 720p video was released too – you’ll find it on the game’s official website.
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Clive Barker's Jericho Announced

Confirming this Hollywood Reporter story, Codemasters has officially announced Clive Barker’s Jericho, a new horror game from the master of horror in development at Mercury Steam. Critically lauded for his effort in 2001’s Undying, Barker partnered with Majesco and Terminal Reality to work on Demonik, which also had a movie in the making. However, that game got cancelled due to Majesco pulling out of the high-end games market, instead focusing more on casual games and portable titles.

This deal with Codemasters will see Barker realize his concept to a full-fledged game which is being developed for next-generation consoles and PC for release in late 2007.

“This project is very close to my heart and I don’t believe there’s ever been anything like it. It promises to be the most spectacular, creative, and unflinching realization of a Clive Barker nightmare that will drag players in kicking and screaming,” said Barker.

Clive Barker’s Jericho deals with the mysterious reappearance of a lost city in a remote desert. When a form of evil that goes right back to the dawn of days resurfaces from there, a Special Forces squad, trained in both conventional warfare and the arcane arts, is sent in. Their mission: Hunt down and destroy the evil that lurks at the heart of the city before it destroys humanity.

CBsJericho_Frame_0129 CBsJericho_Frame_1305

“Players will constantly be given new challenges, new environments, and yes, new horrors and abominations to face every step of the way,” continues Barker. “However, unlike a conventional game in which the characters are attempting to escape at the end of their ride through Hell, our protagonists have a much more difficult task. The closer they come to the end of their trek into darkness, the nearer they get to the source of that darkness: Evil Incarnate, we’ll call it for now…”

Further information can be found on the abovementioned Hollywood Reporter story which mentions that Clive Barker is attached to the project “every step of the way;” it also reveals the following about the title:

“I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but the concept is that somewhere in northern Africa there is a walled city which is not just a walled city but walls within walls within walls,” Barker said. “It’s like Russian dolls, spaces within each other, and trapped inside each space is a slice of time where the warriors of good have gone against ultimate evil and have lost.”

It’s that fourth dimension that makes Jericho more than a maze. The first battles encountered on the quest are against relatively modern imprisoned soldiers, while further in are World War I infantrymen, Crusaders and other warriors, each drawn from an earlier historical era than the last. “Some are evil, some are not, and you have to make up your own mind,” Barker said.

“It becomes a more primal experience as well, because the means of combat become more crude and the people become in a way simpler,” he said. “I think the player is going to get quite a series of spectacles because they get closer to something that makes the devil look like Pollyanna.”


Clive Barker is also working on The Scarlet Gospels, a horror novel that will see him writing about Pinhead from the Hellraiser series after what seems like eons.