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Absolutely gorgeous high-res Witcher 3 screenshots

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is looking exquisite and absolutely brilliant! The first two games were awesome, and I simply can’t wait to see how this turns out. The game is looking to be a showcase for the next-gen, which it truly is. It is expected out sometime next year on both current-gen and next-gen platforms.

Witcher 2 reviews rounded up, watch first 20 minutes

The Witcher 2 is finally out and reviews have started hitting the net. So, what’s it like? Amazing, according to reviewers. A highly improved sequel with high production values and intense graphics. What’s not to like? Below are a few reviews that have gone live. Expect more reviews in the coming days since most publications have only received their copies.

Also, if you’re still waiting for your digital download to finish or the game to arrive in your mailbox, you can watch the first twenty minutes after the jump.

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The Witcher at E3

Setting the standard for weird titles everywhere, CD Projekt has announced that The Witcher will be shown at the E3 expo next month. Those in attendance will receive an in-depth look at the upcoming RPG, which will offer “intense” real-time combat that is “tactically deep”.

Scheduled for release in Spring 2007, The Witcher puts players in the role of the mysterious and legendary Geralt of Rivia, the most prominent of witchers, a brotherhood of mercenary monster-slayers. Players will embark on an enthralling journey set in the vivid universe created by multi-million-selling author Andrzej Sapkowski; a world in which the lines of good and evil are virtually non-existent. With more than 250 abilities to select, The Witcher features extensive character customization, further enhancing the intense real-time combat system which – coupled with the engaging story based on Sapkowski’s books – creates a refreshing modern take on the traditional role-playing genre.

CD Projekt will be set up at booth #6415 in the Kentia Hall.