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Mexicans want Call of Juarez sequel banned

ALeqM5gg9MG7u4vbknXlit2L-q8UVQE-zwAh, Mexico, the land of cheap booze, sleazy clubs and drug cartels! Officials of Ciudad Juarez, the location of upcoming shooter sequel Call of Juarez: The Cartel, are angry that they are the subject of a video game and want it banned.

The city is one of worst affected by drug cartels, having seen about 6000 people die in the last two years. Congressmen of Chihuahua state, where Ciudad Juarez is located, are fighting to get the federal Interior Department to ban the game. They believe that children could be affected by exposure to the game, noting that “they [the children] are going to grow up with this kind of image and lack of values.”

Call of Juarez: The Cartel is due out this summer for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Demos and Patches

A demo for Call of Juarez can now be downloaded for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live. The game, which was released last year on PC, is set in the Wild West and follows the exploits of Billy and Reverend Ray.

In patch news, an update for Dungeon Runners is now available. Referred to as “Chunk #1”, the update for the game includes PvP worlds, support for multiple characters, item linking over its chat system, a new high level dungeon and a variety of new skills and quests.

A v1.27.0 version of the MMO World War II Online has been released. This forum thread offers word on what’s new on the patch, which is available automatically from within the game, as well as through this page.

Call of Juarez Delayed

Besides offering word that Call of Juarez is headed to “a next-generation console” in 2007, Techland announced that the Wild West FPS has also received a delay to the PC version. Improvements are cited as the reason for the delay, with their release stating that optimizations for Windows Vista are being integrated into the game.

The PC version is now expected to be released simultaneously with the console version; Europe’s release date remains the same.

Call of Juarez in North America

Bringing to gamers the Call of Juarez will be Ubisoft, who announced that the Wild-West FPS will be released for the PC in North America and Germany this Summer.

Call of Juarez features classic gunslinging action including duels, shootouts and barroom brawls. Players will relive the days of the Wild West in numerous settings including local saloons and brothels. In the single-player campaign, players enter the world of two opposing characters equipped with contrasting weapons and styles. Ray is the retired gunslinger turned rough-and-tumble preacher. Billy, a sneaky and elusive man befriended and trained by Native Americans, is on the run. Authentic Western situations chronicle the cat-and-mouse game played by Ray and Billy. Players are forced to make split-second decisions to escape the grasp of Ray or get their hands on Billy, and outwit secondary characters throughout this Western setting.

Call of Juarez leverages Techland’s Chrome game engine which allows players to use objects found in the world as weapons or tools to solve problems. Graphics, artificial intelligence and multiplayer features will immerse players in the Wild West like never before.