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Call of Duty 3 Details, Screenshots

Activision has answered the call of duty and revealed full details of Call of Duty 3, its upcoming WW2 action title in the venerable franchise. Set for release this Fall, and confirmed to be a PS3 launch title, the game will take players to fight in the Normandy Breakout, assuming the roles of four Allied soldiers – American, British, Canadian and Polish.

More details and screenshots below:

The Power of Next-Gen – Built from the ground-up for next-gen consoles, Call of Duty 3 brings the battle to life with advanced graphics, a new physics engine, a procedural environment and detailed ensemble animations that deliver the most cinematic war experience ever.

COD3_wii2 COD3_wii1
(Screenshots from the Wii version)

Battle Actions – An all-new close-quarters battle mechanic allows players to fight hand-to-hand, improvise explosive devices, disarm traps and execute a host of other battlefield situations that require cunning and rapid reflexes to survive.

Branching Mission Paths – Next-generation level design provides multiple attack routes that let players decide how to confront the enemy – flank an opponent, or hit him head-on. Each unique mission path requires special tactics, from sniping and demolition to all-out head-on clashes.

(Screenshots from the PS3 version)

Nowhere to Hide – Environmental physics allow players to destroy enemy soft cover hideouts, forcing foes out in the open. But be wary, opponents can eliminate your protective cover as well.

Team-based Multiplayer with Vehicles – Combined arms and team-based combat provides unprecedented depth and variety by allowing up to 24-players to battle it out online with the option of single or split-screen Internet play. Gamers have the choice to play as infantry or commandeer multiple-occupancy vehicles, including tanks, jeeps, and motorcycles with side-cars, leading to unique mobile combat roles for all-out, multiplayer mayhem. Call of Duty 3 also offers soldier classes, each with class specific abilities, and a ranking system for truly diversified squad combat.

(Screenshots from the Xbox 360 version)

Call of Duty 2 "GOTY" Edition

Playing ninja for once, Activision silently announced the “Game of the Year” edition of Call of Duty 2 for the Xbox 360. The GOTY edition will include the original game along with the Skirmish Map Pack, two new multiplayer maps (400 points on Xbox Live) and bonus DVD containing making-of footage, historic interview, commentaries and mission walkthroughs from the developers at Infinity Ward.

It is now available throughout North America.

Call of Duty 2 Update

Infinity Ward sent off an email to notify the Call of Duty 2 community that updates for both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game are in testing and will soon be released. Here are the planned additions (and fixes) in the PC update:

  • Punkbuster functionality
  • Two new multiplayer maps.
  • HTTP redirect in multiplayer, which adds an option for modders to send players to an external website to download their maps and mods.
  • Repair of multiplayer exploits and minor bug fixes
  • We’re also putting finishing touches on the map editing tools for the game and will have those out very soon as well.

As for the Xbox 360 – the second “Title Update” is very close to being released and will improve the Xbox Live multiplayer functionality. Scoop:

  1. Player Lag has been addressed
  2. Private Game Lobbies / Reserved Slots
  3. Enable Live Host to set custom game options
  4. Map Preferences setting
  5. Post Game Lobbies (players at end of match will return to lobby)
  6. Enemy Player Name Notification
  7. Kick Player (host ability)
  8. Lobby Game Type, Map and Host Notification