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LocoRoco Coming to PS3

loco-roco-ps3-official-20070717040223251.jpgIGN carries word that the PS3 sequel to Loco Roco was shown at the PlayStation Premier event and that it is coming soon to the PlayStation Network.

Dubbed Buu Buu Cocoreccho! By LocoRoco, the game is said to be more than a “peculiar extra chapter,” according to Sony. “Even if you don’t play it [as in control the game], the world and the LocoRoco will play [as in both playing amongst themselves and as in playing back like a video] on their own.”

According to the report, the PS3 version of the game will feature 200 LocoRoco characters and gamers will be able to use the SixAxis for motion-based controls. The game is also to be expected soon, as it is being listed by Sony as being 95% complete.