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World of Warcraft New Player Classes Revealed, Screenshots

With the release of The Burning Crusade drawing near, Blizzard unveiled some details on the Draenei and Blood Elves which will be available in the coming expansion. Here’s a bit:

One legend involves the noble leader of the Draenei, Velen, and his vision. Velen’s vision was given substance in the form of Nobundo, a one-time Draenei priest who had devolved while the orcs decimated his race and tore the planet apart. Like his fellow Broken, Nobundo had lost contact with the Light, and so he ventured far into the deserts of Outland to meditate and pray for guidance.

Further details can be found just after the jump. Some screenshots showing the new classes have also been released and can be found below:

paladin_shaman_duel2 paladin_shaman_duel

be_paladin2 be_paladin

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