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Bully Gets Scholarship on Wii and Xbox 360

Rockstar Games has announced that it will release Bully: Scholarship Edition on Wii and Xbox 360 this Winter. The game will retain the gameplay of the PS2 original, but will boast additional new content, though the nature of the content was not disclosed.

Bully, before its release, had its fair share of controversy, with Jack Thompson going as far as to have a gameplay session in front of a judge to ban the game. His attempt failed, thankfully. The game has since then gone on to garner awards and achievements, putting players in the role of a 15-year old as he experiences Bullworth Academy, a boarding school.

No further details or media were revealed.

No More Bullying?

Speaking to Game Politics, industry analyst Michael Pachter commented that Rockstar’s school life adventure game Bully won’t be receiving a sequel. The reason? Sluggish sales. The game sold over 800,000 units, and even though that’s quite a lot, it cost Take-Two close to $15 million in R&D, implying that they “did no better than to break even.”

If what he says becomes true (the “no sequel” part) then Bully would be the only Rockstar property not to get a follow up. Those who played Bully will tell you how great a game it is, including the critics. So, it’d seem stupid not to create a sequel. Let’s hope Take-Two sanctions a sequel for us fans and not just look at the money.

Christmas to be Bullied

It’s been some time since the last backlash against Rockstar’s Bully, which gained even more enemies than everybody’s favorite scapegoat Grand Theft Auto. Anyways, it’s still on for release, though, thanks to Spong who “just came off the phone with the guys at Rockstar UK” who confirmed that the game will be released in time for this Christmas.

According to the report, the game is now a PS2-exclusive, with the Xbox version dropped thanks to Microsoft phasing out the console that started it all for them. Additional details are “promised” to be released “very soon.”