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Prizefighter Announced

Hoping to knock out the competition, 2K Sports has announced the Spring 2008 release of Don King Presents: Prizefighter, an upcoming boxing simulation, for the DS, Wii and Xbox 360.

“The combination of real-life fight scenarios, story-driven gameplay and photo-realistic graphics will set this title apart from the competition,” said Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K. “Our goal has always been to deliver the most engaging and realistic titles, and Don King Presents: Prizefighter will exceed these expectations. Based on the game’s innovative features and high-profile fighters, this title will be a ‘must have’ for any sports gamer.”

It is being developed by Venom Games, who are hoping to deliver the realism of live-action match-ups and the tactics of boxing. Players will be charged with building the career of their boxers, balancing between training and promotion, and other stuff related to boxing.

Universal Boxing Manager Announced

Kalypso Media today announced Universal Boxing Manager, a boxing management simulation for fans of the sport. Here’s the deal:

Starting as a lowly hopeful, players are tasked with managing up to six different budding champs with high hopes of glory. As an eagle-eyed trainer it’s your job to sort the Ricky Hattons from the Ricky Gervais, buff them up in the gym, broker the right fights against the right opponents and reap the juicy financial rewards. Just as any good manager would offer, it’s also your job to play Mr. Motivator and power talk your charges to victory, or give them the hair dryer treatment should things go decidedly the way of Bruno vs. Tyson.

Easily accessible to even the most modest gamers, Universal Boxing Manager is a pick-up-and-play insight into the world of the boxing promoter, the perfect game to wile away a lunchtime. Alternatively, gamers looking for a bit more depth can tackle the career mode, and take responsibility for buying new equipment, hiring better medical staff and trawling through the 17 different weight classes to pick a champ or two from the roster of over a thousand unique boxers.

All fights can be watched in real time in an overhead view of the ring, with options to concentrate on healing or motivate your boxer between rounds, as well as advise him on tactics and where to expose his opponent’s weaknesses. From heavy to featherweight, Universal Boxing Manager will bring out a little Don King in all of us this autumn.

The game will be released this September for a lowly price of £9.99.

Boxing Manager Announced

Due for release this November is ANACONDA‘s Boxing Manager, a game that lets players live out the (not so) glamorous world of boxing managers:

The Boxing Manager sees players take control of their own stable of boxers. The aim: taking your prize fighters all the way to the top and win world championship belts of all three federations. Starting out with a small team and three unknown, talented fighters, managers will train the boxers, sign on new up-and-comers and expert staff from around the world, set up bouts and determine tactics and techniques before and during the events. As the game progresses, players will be able to train manage up to 30 fighters at the same time – only if they are successful and form talented amateurs into hardened professionals will they be able to earn coveted titles in all the well-known weight classes.

Of course, managers will always have to have an eye on their finances: does he have the funds to take on better staff in order to improve training? Can he promote his boxing events with TV ads, drawing crowds and earning big bucks, or will he have to make do with a small note in the local papers?