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Armed Assault 2 Announced

Bohemia Interactive has announced plans for Armed Assault 2 at the Leipzig Games Convention. The second entry in the series is being developed for PC and next-gen consoles and is set for release next year. This time the game is taking place in 2009, in a fictional post-soviet country called Chernarus where players will be sent as members of a US Marine Corps Force Recon squad to prevent further civilian casualties and ensure ongoing stability.

Further details are expected soon. For the time being, check out the screenshots below.

Euro Armed Assault Sees New Weapons

European gamers are in luck today: 505 Games and Bohemia Interactive have revealed that the PAL release of Armed Assault will feature exclusive weapons, vehicles and mission content when released for PC on February 16.

The extra content includes two new aircraft – Su-34 Fighter and Su-34 Bomber; two new motorbikes – TT650 and the M1030 military motorcycles; and four new weapons: the Russian rifles AKS74PSO and KSVK, and US-designed M107 and M16A4

In addition, the PAL version of Armed Assault will also launch with an exclusive new mission called “Blood, Sweat and Tears.” This open-ended scenario will have players experience the “bloody battlefields of Sahrani.”