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David Cage: I don’t make games for money


David Cage is known best for making narrative games—Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain are great testaments of what he can do. Having said that, what motivates him to make videogames? Not money, he said in an interview with VG247.

 “I don’t do work for hire. I don’t make games to make money. I make games by passion, because I want to share something, because I have something to tell.”

He also went on to say that he puts a lot of himself in his games. Cage noted that Heavy Rain was partly based on the trials and tribulations he went through with his own fatherhood. Beyond: Two Souls, his upcoming game, is more about death and the afterlife.

“It was really me being confronted with death. I lost someone I felt close to, and I wanted to write something about that,” he said.

On a related topic, he also talked about his relationship with Sony, noting that they never asked or forced him into doing a sequel for Heavy Rain despite it making over $100 million for the company. He also discusses the non-chronological nature of Beyond’s gameplay. It’s a very interesting interview and a fascinating read.

Willem Dafoe starring in Beyond: Two Souls

Hollywood is increasingly getting attracted to videogames. So, it isn’t truly surprising to see Willem Dafoe–a veteran, Oscar-nominated actor–making an integral appearance in Beyond: Two Souls. He looks great in it. I’ve been a fan of his work and can’t wait to see how his performance turns out in this game.

What’s more interesting is how the technology to capture motion has changed. They are now simultaneously capturing both body and facial movements. The results are quite brilliant, as far as Beyond‘s videos go. Can’t wait to see the final product! You can see an interview with Dafoe and the motion capture technology I talked about after the jump.
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