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Bethesda possibly teasing new Wolfenstein

Bethesda has been posting teaser images for their next project, and everyone’s betting money that it is a new Wolfenstein game. All images are posted below.

The collage shows three images, one with the hastag 1960 below. People are speculating that it’s the long rumored Wolfenstein game, which is reportedly in development at Swedish studio Machine Games. The studio was formed by members of Starbreeze, the studio behind excellent games such as The Darkness and Chronicles of Riddick.

This has been confirmed indirectly by Bethesda themselves, who noted that “this morning’s tease is not related to anything @BGS_Devs is working on.”

The game is rumored to make use of idTech5 game engine. There hasn’t been a new Wolfenstein game since 2009. The last entry was average at best, and was made by Raven Software, id Software, and some other studios.

Void Walker Arsenal pack for Dishonored coming


If you hadn’t preordered Dishonored but wanted access to the bundles that came as perks, then you’re in luck. Bethesda just announced the “Void Walker’s Arsenal Pack” that will include the Acrobatic Killer, Arcane Assassin, Backstreet Butcher, and Shadow Rat packs. These were previously only available to those who had preordered the game.

The packs include perks that include character bonuses, additional slots, books, and other things that make playing the game easy. It will be available starting next week on PC, PSN, and Xbox 360 for $3.99. You can find out more details at Bethesda’s blog.

Now ride your horse into battle in Skyrim

Skyrim-Mounted-CombatSo, yeah, you can now ride horses into battle in Skyrim. Mounted combat is coming to the game in the v1.6 patch, which is due out soon. However, Steam users can join in on the fun right now through the beta.

To get into the beta, all you have to do is go into Steam settings and check the beta participation section. You will then need to restart Steam, which will then notify you of beta updates for your games.

Bethesda notes that you should not overwrite your existing saves, and that you should back up your current saved games in the off chance they become corrupted. The only new feature is mounted combat; the patch mostly fixes bugs and other issues.

5 Reasons Elder Scrolls Online is Going to Fail

The Elder Scrolls is an amazing saga of open world action role-playing that has led players across the continent of Tamriel from the first game in 1994, The Elder Scrolls: Arena, to the last mind-blowing installment in 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As an avid fan of the series in all its incarnations, my first reaction to the news that there will be an MMO sometime next year was “hell yeah!” But then I dug a bit deeper and found out why I may just have been counting the proverbial chickens before they hatched.

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Fallout 3 DLC on Games for Windows Live

Microsoft has announced that Fallout 3 will be the first title to offer downloadable content through the newly announced Games for Windows Live Marketplace.

Said Pete Hines, VP of public relations and marketing for Bethesda: "Games for Windows LIVE helps us expand the Fallout 3 universe and bring the full experience directly to gamers. Through the Marketplace we now have a no-nonsense way to deliver updates and great downloadable content. It’s really a complete package, and a great fit for Fallout 3."

It was previously announced that the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game would receive exclusive downloadable content. No release date for said DLC was given.

Bethesda Partners with Quake Wars Developer

Bethesda Softworks today announced that it has established a long-term development partnership with Splash Damage, the studio behind class-based multiplayer shooters Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

No details were disclosed, though Bethesda assured that more information will be released in the coming months.

“We are extremely impressed with Splash Damage and the quality titles they produce,” said Bethesda Softworks president Vlatko Andonov. “They are highly creative and innovative, and have demonstrated a high level of dedication to their projects.”

Shivering Isles Scaring PS3

Bethesda has announced that it will release Shivering Isles, the expansion pack to Elder Scrolls IV, for the PS3 through retail. The standalone disc will allow gamers the chance to experience the expansion of the award-winning RPG.

This retail release follows the October release of the Game of the Year edition of Elder Scrolls IV for the PS3, which includes the Shivering Isles pack. The expansion offers more than 30 hours of new gameplay, allowing players to explore an entirely new plane of Oblivion.

Shivering Isles will hit PS3 on November 20.