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Warhammer MMORPG Gets 400,000 Beta Testers

Proving that the Warhammer brand name is still going strong, GOA and EA Mythic have announced that more than 400,000 players worldwide have signed up for the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning closed beta test, making it one of the most successful betas in gaming history. The beta center is still open and those interested can still apply to get into the test.

Based on the tabletop fantasy war game, WAR features Realm vs. Realm (RvR) gameplay and is scheduled for release during Q1 2008 on PC.

Quake Wars Beta Reset

On badman’s beta blog is word that an account reset for the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo is due today. He writes that they are looking to stress the backend infrastructure for account registration as well as check the ability to roll back statistics. Here’s the deal:

The wipe is currently scheduled for this coming Wednesday (August 22, 2007), at which point you will no longer be able to play unless you re-create your account in the manner described above. The statistics are also going to be reset that day.

The other test we’re running is currently taking place on a much smaller scale and concerns the statistics roll-back and restoration functionality. In the final game, we’ll be able to use this to combat statistics exploits, padding, and other unwanted activity. To make sure that rolling back and restoring statistics on a large scale is as seamless and robust a process as it can be, 5000 beta accounts have been randomly selected for this test and their owners have already been notified. Essentially, we’re be rolling back the statistics for those accounts by several hours, followed by returning them to their original, pre-rollback state. We’re taking great care during this process, but since this is still a beta, there is a chance that the statistics may be corrupted during the test.

Beta Registrations

One of those ultra-rare Linux gamers? Then check out this page where you can sign up to beta test the Linux edition of X3: Reunion, the latest entry in the space combat series. On LinuxGames are details on participation.

For Windows gamers, there’s the Hellgate London beta. However, this won’t be free, as interested parties will have to pre-order the game through Hellgate Resistance, who notes that buying the game will include a chance to participate in the game’s beta testing: “Signing up for the pre-order will also automatically register your name on the waiting list for the Hellgate: London beta test.”

WAR Gains Army

The second bit of MMOG news comes from GOA, who today announced that more than 300,000 players have signed up for the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning closed beta test, making it one of the most popular MMOG ever. The closed beta test began in June, with the game amassing so many gamers in a little more than a month.

They are still accepting applications for the beta, so if you’re interested to contribute to that number, you’re more than welcome to do so. WAR is set for release during the first quarter of 2008 and will feature revolutionary Realm vs. Realm gameplay.

Immortals Goes Public

In today’s first bit of MMO news, New Game World sends word that the closed beta for their MMORPG Immortals is now open for the public.

“Immortals has been in stealth mode, up until today,” said Steve Wade, VP of Marketing and Development at the studio. “It’s not that we didn’t want to generate buzz, we just thought it was best cross all of our “T”s and dot all of our “I”s with little hearts before making any kind of announcement.”

Gamers are invited to check out the open beta by visiting the game’s site to sign up and start playing.

Ways to get into Halo 3 Beta: Buy Crackdown or Play Halo 2

Microsoft has officially announced that specially marked boxes of Crackdown will include an invite to the Halo 3 multiplayer beta when it launches this Spring. Those who purchase the game will simply use the disc as a key to download the beta from Xbox Live Marketplace and join the action. Crackdown is released in the US on February 20, Europe on February 23 and Asia on February 22.

The company also announced another way to get in the beta: play Halo 2! Beginning February 1, 12.01 am PST, all gamers who participate in at least three hours of Halo 2 multiplayer via Xbox Live till February 3, 11.59 pm EST, and be among the first 13,333 to register at the Halo 3 website will get into the beta. This “Rule of Three” program is open to gamers across all regions.

Shadowrun Public Beta Underway

Following on the footsteps of the Halo 3 multiplayer beta, Microsoft has announced a public multiplayer beta testing program for Shadowrun. Although the game will be hitting both PC Windows Vista and Xbox 360, the beta, which is underway, is only limited to console participants, though they may expand the beta in the future.

Full instructions for joining the beta can be found after the jump.
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Beta Test New GRAW Maps

Having already released two free map packs for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Ubisoft announced that it is going to release one final map pack to the community and is offering the chance to beta test it. Those interested in testing the pack, which will include a new Siege mode, should head here. As an incentive, the announcement offers word that beta testers stand to “win exclusive GR goodies.”