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Metro: Last Light has low FOV, auto-aim turned on by default; how to force DX9

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Metro: Last Light is now out and getting generally favorable reviews. However, an issue has been found that may prove to be a problem during gameplay. The game has a very low field of view and developer 4AGames hasn’t put it any sliders to change it. It can’t even be changed through manual configuration file editing, too.

The game is also a DirectX 10/11 title, but you can force it to run in DX9. DSOGaming has put up a guide on how to do it; as a bonus, they’ve also added a guide on how to turn off auto-aim, which is turned on by default in the PC version.

Finally, a new beta version of GeForce drivers for NVIDIA’s graphics cards is out. The v320.14 drivers are optimized specifically for the game, noting enhanced performance by up to 10%.

First Dark Blood gameplay trailer, closed beta signups open

The very first look at gameplay from Dark Blood can be found below. It’s an upcoming free-to-play, side-scrolling, hack n’ slash brawler from developer JCR Soft. Publisher Outspark noted that this marks the beginning of daily clips that you can track through the game’s Facebook page.

Signups for the game’s closed beta test is currently going on. Head on over to its official website if you’re interested.

Chronicles of Spellborn Closed Beta Closed, NDA Lifted

Spellborn sends word that the closed beta signup process for The Chronicles of Spellborn has ended. Players will be informed starting tomorrow the starting date of the open beta.

Additionally, the developer noted that the NDA for closed beta testers and press parties is dropped as of today. Expect to see previews and impressions pop up across the Internet.

Battlefield Heroes Closed Beta Closed

This post on the Battlefield Heroes website carries word that testing on the shooter will end tomorrow. The developers are incorporating feedback earned during the closed beta into the final game and that they plan on reopening the beta “early next year.”

The subscription-free multiplayer shooter will be released sometime next year. It was originally marked for release this winter.

Jumpgate Evolution Beta Signups Exceed Expectation

Beta signups for upcoming elite space combat MMO Jumpgate Evolution has been going well for Codemasters and NetDevil, who jointly announced that over 150,000 testers have signed up for the game. If you are interested, signups are still open.

The full game is set to go live sometime in 2009, with a closed beta due to go live soon.

Trainz 2009 Enters Beta

Auran Games today announced that beta testing for Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition has started and that over a thousand members have been invited to join the initial group of testers, with more to be invited in the coming weeks.

“We’re thrilled to have reached our Beta milestone, and the early feedback from testers has been extremely positive” said Tony Hilliam, CEO. “We have built up a fantastic community over the past 8 years since Trainz began and everything is pointing towards Trainz 2009 being our best ever version.”

The 2009 version features enhanced graphics, new content management tools and a lot of other new additions, including a “Surveyor” module. It is due out in Q1 2009.

BattleForge Enters Open Beta

Marking its development status, EA today announced that the open beta for BattleForge, an upcoming MMO, will begin on November 7. In development at Phenomic, the game has players trade virtual cards to build their army and waste their enemies.

”After three years in development, we are very excited to open the game to a mass audience and see how people play. It’s going to be a great process watching players experience the revolutionary concept of creating their own armies and teaming up on a massive scale in RTS,” said Volker Wertich, Creative Director.

BattleForge features both single-player and cooperative scenarios as well as PvP ranked duels. Coop battles can be played in terms of two or four; players can also take part in 12 player battles. It is due out early next year on PC.

Assassinate Richard Garriott!

This page marks the call for recruits for the culmination of beta testing for Tabula Rasa, one that will see 10,000 keys given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. The beta wrap-up event will indeed feature the assassination of General British, lead designer Richard Garriott’s in-game avatar.

A rogue team of Tabula Rasa agents will be playing and challenge you to take on General British himself on Friday 26th October 2007 from 19:00h to 21:00 h BST (20:00h to 22:00h CET). As always, stay vigilant… you never know what surprises lurk around the corner…

Do you have the guts to take down the man?

Well, do you?

Tabula Rasa Beta Reward

NCSoft and Destination Games send word that they will reward participants in the Tabula Rasa beta test by giving them an exclusive in-game emote. Here’s the deal: “Your characters will receive access to /throat; use it to show n00bs that you’ve been blasting Bane before blasting Bane was cool.”

The reward will be given only to those who login to the beta anytime between October 25 and October 26. It will become available starting at the end of November around Thanksgiving.