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Battlestations: Pacific Dated

You’ll be soaring through the skies of the Pacific this May, as Eidos Interactive announced that Battlestations: Pacific will be released in North America and Europe on May 12 and 15, respectively.

The sequel expands upon the strategic combat of the first, offering 28 missions and historically accurate campaigns. Online multiplayer makes appearances in the form of competitive and cooperative modes, as well as new gameplay modes.

The game is due out on PC and Xbox 360.

Battlestations: Midway Announced

This Autumn will see the release of yet another World War II title from Eidos Interactive – Battlestations: Midway. In development for PC and Xbox 360, the game follows the story of naval recruit Henry Walker, whose first assignment as a gunner at Pearl Harbor is the starting point of an incredible career at the heart of the US Pacific Fleet in 1942, in what was to become one of the most inspirational military campaigns in history.

For the first time, relive the intensity of massive air, sea and underwater WWII battles in a unique mix of intense action and tactical gameplay. Directly control dozens of highly detailed warships, aircraft and submarines in a ‘free-control’ environment as you design and execute the best plans of attack. Command the colossal firepower of a fully armed battleship, engage the enemy in fierce dogfights through flak-infested skies or utilise the stealth of your submarine to unleash deadly torpedo attacks on unsuspecting enemies.