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Supreme Ruler 2020 Announced

supreme_ruler_2020_box.jpgParadox Interactive has revealed that it has signed Supreme Ruler 2020 for release next year. The game is in development at Battlegoat Studios and is set to build upon the success of its predecessor.

Some of the new features in the game include the use of 3D for map elements and military units, high resolution satellite imagery, new gameplay modes and more. It is set for release in May 2008 and will be shown off to the press at the Leipzig Games Convention.

Supreme Ruler 2010 Gets New Mission, Revised Price

A new update for Supreme Ruler 2010 is available offering a new mission “taken directly from today’s headlines.” Scoop:

Update 6 features an exciting new Mission taken directly from today’s headlines – Operation Sand Storm, an assault in the Persian Gulf tasked with the capture and destruction of a Secret Nuclear Facility, deep in the heart of Iran. Lead elite US troops on a special mission into hostile territory, forced to bring supplies with you as you go. Mission is based on actual force deployments in the Persian Gulf today.

Additionally, the game has had its price dropped to $20 and can be bought for the budget price from any retailer now.