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Rumor: Battlefield 3 premium service launching next month

Following Activision’s lead, EA may be planning on launching a premium service for Battlefield 3 players. In fact, it may be launched as early as June 4, according to this report from Battlefieldo.

The site states that customers will get a premium knife, soldier camos, weapon camos, black dog tag, extra assignments, and more. It also claims that the game will receive a fifth expansion pack in March 2013.

The purported launch date puts it close to E3. I believe EA will use the event as a platform to begin offering this service.

EA and DICE: lack of Battlefield 3 servers due to rentals

Battlefield 3 may have proven to be too popular for its own good. Players noted recently that all of DICE’s official servers for the game appeared to be unavailable. That raised a number of questions which EA was quick to answer.

DICE runs a number of official servers that can be rented by players, and if too many players rent official servers, they can appear to be unavailable. The studio wants the best for its players, so they are going to “reserve a percentage of servers for players who prefer to connect through DICE-hosted servers” in the future.

They are hosting a double XP weekend for all ranked servers and matches today and tomorrow. While this may not be in direct response to this issue, it’s still a good gesture. And hey, free points!