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Ron Gilbert Working on "Story-heavy" RPG

Legendary game designer Ron Gilbert is at it again: in an interview to Gamasutra, the man behind classics such as the Monkey Island franchise, Maniac Mansion, and many others, stated that he is working on a “very story-heavy, story-based” RPG game. Sadly, he still hasn’t found a publisher “willing” to publish it.

GS: In that vein, do you personally have any new projects you’re working on? You mentioned in some other interviews that you had a new project in the works.

RG: I do have a kind of very story-heavy, story-based kind of RPG game that I’m currently designing, but I’m still looking for a publisher willing to publish it. So I continue to work on it until I find somebody, but there’s a lot of what you talk about here, you know, very heavily story-based, a lot of sensibilities of adventure games mixed with some of the action fun RPG elements.

No other details were provided, though the existence of such a game brings joy to many a gamer’s hearts.

Guitar Hero Solo Controller Now Available

RedOctane today announced that it has begun shipping a limited number of solo Guitar Hero SG Controllers into stores throughout Europe. Modeled after the Gibson SG, the guitar controller for the game is available for £30.

In multi-player mode, two guitarists compete for the ultimate rock accolade as they thrash off individual sections of each song. Tunes alternate between the guitarists, with each player being judged on accuracy, timing and judicious use of Star Power. The player with the highest score at the end of the track wins – but with clever use of the game’s multipliers and bonuses, evenly matched guitar heroes will be contesting victory until the very final note.

Guitar Hero for the PS2 is priced at £50 complete with a Gibson replica Guitar Hero SG controller. A sequel is on the way.

First PSP Modchip Announced

If you were looking to run pirated games homebrew on your PSP, but couldnt do so because of updated firmware can now breathe a collective sigh of relief. MaxConsole reports of Undiluted Platinum, the first modchip solution for the Sony handheld.

The UP is a flash replacement system for the console that allows the user to run custom firmware builds, as well as maintain the PSPs original firmware or a more recent one. Both firmware can be booted to, and the UP can be used to restore ‘bricked’ PSPs, a plus for users with useless units in their possession.

However, it wont be for the faint of heart: an included picture shows that the PSP has to be opened up and the chip has to be soldered in place. Even then, the article states that it will be easy to install the modchipthat will be fully open-source, letting users write their own firmware builds.

No release date was announced for the modchip, but a suggested retail price pegs the chip at a paltry $90 for those looking into activities other than the ones available through Sony firmware (and I dont mean pirating games).