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Awesomeness overload: Blood Dragon movie trailer and BioShock student film teaser

There’s this truly awesome guy called Mike Diva out there who has gone and whipped up a trailer for a Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: The Movie. We’re all blessed for this amazing creation.

The ‘trailer’ stars Detective Rex “Power” Colt, who is ridding the streets of “cyber shit”. The video is filled with ‘80s gaudiness. There’s nudity, gratuitous violence, insane dialog (“This isn’t part of the prophecy.” “I AM prophecy!”), and a flying cyber shark, of all things.

Meanwhile, The Brothers Rapture is a more serious, somber affair from a group of Vancouver film students. They’ve released a teaser that shows off Plasmids, audio diaries, and the eternal ‘rapture’ between competing schools of thought. The group promises to release the full film on May 13, but if this teaser is any indication, it’s going to be good.

Gatsby video game offers commentary on the American Dream


The Great Gatsby was an immaculate commentary on the American Dream. If that’s true, then Slate’s The Great Gatsby: The Video Game continues this as a commentary on the nihilistic nature of videogame narratives. Or something academic-sounding like that.

In short, this game is an interesting take on this quote that typifies the American Dream in a rather succinct manner:

Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter—to-morrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther. . . . And one fine morning——

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Adventure Time to make 3DS “Mathematical”

adventuretimebox_22007.nphdWith a smattering of exclamation marks and proclamations of being ‘mathematical’ comes word that Adventure Time is making its way to DS and 3DS late this Fall.

The game, dubbed Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!, is being developed by WayForward with help from series creator Pendleton Ward.

It will follow Finn and Jake as they wake up to find all their trash stolen by the Ice King, who is using it to make a Gargbage Princess. Can’t wait to enjoy all the radical fun.

Duke Nukem inspires awesome custom computer

Richard Surroz, the man behind the excellent Kegputer, has teamed up with NVIDIA again to make something new and amazing. This time the theme was Duke Nukem Forever, a game fourteen years in the making. The game hasn’t been doing well with the critics, but who cares – it’s finally out and selling well enough to take the throne in UK.

Anyways, Surroz has built a custom-made computer based on the theme, and, to be honest, it’s absolutely wonderful. There’s a full step-by-step on how he has done it, plus pictures of the build, up on GeForce. It has two screens Check it out.

WoW Playing Senator Found

bilde.jpgInstead of bashing games, this senator plays video games, and is damn proud of it. Pacific Daily News recently sat down with Sen. Ray Tenorio, a lawmaker from the state of Guam, who plays a level 70 Dwarf priest by the name of Paleray in World of Warcraft.

“What I like about World of Warcraft is it’s a great way to be able to reach out and connect with other people,” he said. “So many different people play — attorneys, accountants, geeks… all kinds of people.”

He also stated that he currently has no plans to move on to a different game, mostly because WoW adds new content regular. “There’s always something new to come back to,” he claimed.

Tenorio is a member of Guam’s 15-member unicameral legislature. More details on this gamer can be found on his official website.

(Almost) Free Xbox 360 Game Development for the Masses

Big budgets, time constraints got you down? Still want to develop for consoles? Microsoft has the answer for you in the form of XNA Game Studio Express. Aiming to bring console development to the masses, Microsoft will release a new set of tools based on the XNA platform, taking Xbox 360 development to hobbyists, students, indie developers and studios alike.

To be available this Holiday season, XNA Game Studio Express will be available for free to everyone with a Windows XP PC. All one will have to do is join a “creators club” for an annual subscription fee of $99 USD; here users will be able to build, test and share their games on Xbox 360 and access material to help speed their game development progress.

College students across the United States will be able to get their hands on the tools as 10 universities and their game development schools have already joined the program. These include the University of Southern California, and Georgia Tech College of Computing and Southern Methodist University as they have pledged to integrate console game development and XNA Game Studio Express into their curricula for the first time.

The beta will be available on August 30 as a free download for Windows XP, with the final version to be available this Holiday season.

New Songs in Guitar Hero II

Thanks to a press event held down under, IGN has learned of three new tracks which will make their way to Guitar Hero II. The newly-announced tracks are covers of Stone Temple Pilot’s “Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart”, “Madhouse” by Anthrax, and Motley Crue’s “Shout at the Devil”.

Videos of the three songs in action are available on IGN, so give them a whirl if you’re interested.