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Knights in the Nightmare Announced

Atlus today announced that it has secured the North American publishing rights for Knights in the Nightmare, an upcoming RPG/RTS for the DS. The game will have players “embrace something altogether new and fresh,” according to their press release, and that it will offer both tactical gameplay and a ‘captivating’ narrative.

It will combine strategy RPG, real-time strategy and shooter elements. There will be over 100 playable characters and the story will be told from two perspectives, having players step into the shoes of the antagonist, too.

The game is scheduled for release on June 2 for $35.

Shin Megami Tensei Coming to DS

Atlus USA today announced Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, a new entry in the series, for the DS. Billed as a new RPG/SRPG hybrid, the game is due out this summer.

This is the first time the series is jumping to the small screen, but the studio states that no aspect of the experience has been shrunk in the process. It will feature a new RPG/SRPG combat system and more character customization options than before.

Finally, players will be able to use a new Demon Action feature to collect and fuse demons to create their own powerful party.

Devil Survivor will hit stores on June 23 for $29.99.

NEVES Announced

Yuke’s America has announced NEVES for the DS, an unique puzzle game that challenges players to think critically as they align pieces and build figures that correspond to a silhouette. Each puzzle will feature seven wooden blocks, requiring the player to combine them to form specific figures ranging from simple items like a sword or key to more complicated ones such as birds and airplanes.

Targeted towards a more mature audience, NEVES still appeals to anyone who enjoys challenging puzzles. And because of the unique stylus controls of the Nintendo DS, controlling the puzzle pieces in NEVES is a cinch; tilting, flipping, and moving the blocks is as simple as dragging and tapping. But be careful, just because controlling the pieces is easy doesn’t mean the puzzles have to be. With over 500 different puzzles to choose from and four different modes including puzzle mode, count mode, time mode, and versus mode, players will have countless hours of fun solving puzzles of varying difficulty.

“We’re greatly excited to bring NEVES to the Nintendo DS,” said Shane Takahashi, CEO of Yuke’s Company of America. “The game’s modern aesthetic and design should appeal to more discerning gamers while its portability and approachable gameplay should interest almost anyone.”

“NEVES offers simple yet stimulating entertainment, providing a challenging experience for players of all ages,” said Jim Ireton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Atlus USA. “We are happy to work with Yuke’s Company of America in bringing a classic puzzle game like NEVES to the Nintendo DS.”

The game is slated for release this November.

Bomberman Land Touch!

It seems that some bombs will never diffuse… Atlus USA has announced Bomberman Land Touch!, an action-adventure game for the DS. Hudson Soft is working on the title which will be released early this November and will feature touch-screen controls, up to 8-player wireless single-card play, a 15-hour story mode and more.

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Rule of Rose Headed for North America

Atlus today announced the acquisition of the North American publishing rights to Rule of Rose, an action-horror game from Punchline and Shirogumi in Japan, and published by Sony in the region. Rule of Rose is scheduled for release this Fall.

March, 1930. A young girl named Jennifer, whose parents were killed in a tragic airship accident, is taken to the Rose Garden Orphanage, located in a remote portion of the English countryside. What Jennifer discovers is a dilapidated building and a ragtag mob of children who call themselves the “Aristocracy of the Red Crayon.” The demented residents of Rose Garden kidnap Jennifer and take her into the dark heart of an impossibly large zeppelin, on a meandering course for a distant land. Now, with the help of a canine companion named Brown, Jennifer has to find valuable gifts for the Aristocracy, or suffer a fatal punishment for her insolence…

  • Befriend a faithful dog and work together to locate crucial items!
  • Intense melee combat against bloodthirsty monsters!
  • Musical score by Yutaka Minobe (Panzer Dragoon Saga, Skies of Arcadia)!
  • An immersive storyline with 50 minutes of award-nominated CG scenes (Official Selection of the Annecy 2006 International Animated Film Festival)!
  • Multiple endings and hidden extras!

Japanese Portable Games Headed for America

Popular for bringing Japanese games to North America, Atlus made a trio of announcements, stating that they plan on bringing Contact, Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation and its sequel to the region.

Coming from the makers of Killer7, Contact is a RPG for the DS, offering “animal-training, item-collecting, monster hunting, and old-school mini-games” among other gameplay activities. The game will make use of the handheld’s dual-screen functionality with mission maps, interior/exterior viewpoiunts and more. It is scheduled to make contact this Summer.

Immensely popular in Japan is the Super Robot Taisen series, the upcoming games hitting North America will be strategy RPGs for the GBA. Original Generation is scheduled to hit this Summer, followed by its sequel in Fall.