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Asterix Heads to X360

Atari today announced that Asterix at the Olympic Games is coming to the Xbox 360 this Summer. Making his jump to the current-gen machines, Asterix will have to go through various physical challenges as well as problem-solving. There will be two modes – the adventure mode tells the story of the characters, while the antique mode will let players compete in over ten disciplines as 12 playable characters.

The game will blend live action elements from the recently released film. It is already available on PS2, PC, Wii and DS.

Asterix at the Olympic Games Announced

Hoping to cash in on the upcoming live action film, Atari has announced details of Asterix at the Olympic Games for PS2, PC, Wii and DS. The game is scheduled for release this Winter, ahead of the film’s release in early 2008.

Developed by Etranges Libellules in close collaboration with Asterix licensor Les Editions Albert René and with film production company La Petite Reine, the game follows Asterix, Obelix and the faithful Dogmatix as they travel to Greece in aid of their lovesick friend Alafolix. Their journey takes them to the Olympic Games where they find themselves pitted against the athletic might of the Roman Empire. Adventure and hilarity ensue as Asterix and friends compete to get the better of Brutus, his muscle-bound champion, and their long-time nemesis, Julius Caesar himself.

In Asterix at the Olympic Games players can choose from three playable characters, Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix, in an original story which takes a parallel course to the film and the comic book. Our heroes must stop Brutus who has opened the gates between the worlds of the book, the film and the game while still finding time and energy to triumph at the Olympic Games themselves. The mini-game mode lets players compete in Olympic challenges with their chosen character, while two-player multiplayer lets friends go head to head in a series of hilarious contests.

No media or screenshots were released. More information on the movie itself can be found on IMDB.