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Postal 3 Gameplay Trailer

Some gameplay footage from Postal 3 has been released, showing off the sure-to-be controversial open-world shooter. In development at Running With Scissors and Akella, the game is due out on PC and Xbox 360 by the end of the year, with an eventual PS3 release as well.

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Scorpion Site Live

A newly-born website for Showdown: Scorpion has been launched, providing updates on the game’s development as well as media, details and more. There is also a blog and community forums.

In development at B-Cool Interactive, this futuristic shooter will be released during Q1 2008 by Akella.

Scorpion Update

Akella sent out a development update on Scorpion, an upcoming FPS from B-Cool Interactive, which was last shown at E3 2006. As per the update, the game’s graphical engine CoolEngine is almost finished and is now going through minor bug-fixing. They also note that the AI system has also been completed and that the design team is working intensively on general playability, with weapon balance and overall game difficulty being their main target. Most of the graphic assets and locations have also been completed; their artists are currently working on creating additional visual effects, as well as briefings movies and cut-scenes.

More information on the cyber-punk styled action game can be found after the jump.
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Akella at E3

Eastern European publisher and developer Akella has also announced its lineup for this year’s E3, with the major headliners being:

PT-boats: Knights Of The Sea
Platform: PC
Release date: Q4 2006
Genre: tactical action / sim
Developer: Akella
CIS Publisher and WW agent: 1C

Swashbucklers: Blue & Grey
Platform: PS2/PC
Release date: Q3 2006
Genre: Action/RPG
Developer: Akella
CIS Publisher and WW agent: 1C

Disciples III
Platform: PC
Release date: TBA
Genre: TBS
Developer: .dat
NA Publisher: Strategy First
Other territories publisher: Akella

Heavy Duty
Platform: PC
Release date: TBA
Developer: Primal Software
WW publisher: Akella

Hard to Be a God
Platform: PC
Release date: Q2 2007
Genre: RPG with adventure and espionage elements
Developer: Burut CT
WW publisher: Akella

Showdown: Scorpion
Platform: PC
Release date: Q1 2007
Genre: FPS
Developer: B-COOL Interactive
WW publisher: Akella

The company will also be showing off two in-house games – Age of Pirates (PC) and Captain Blood (PC, Xbox 360) which will be published by Playlogic.

Akella will be set up at booth #6901, 6903, 6905, 6907, 7002 and 7004 in Kentia Hall.

Strategy First and Akella on Disciples III

Strategy First and Akella have announced that they have signed a co-operative deal for the development and publication of Disciples III: Renaissance, the next game in the famous RPG franchise.

“We’re glad to work in cooperation with Strategy First. We have gathered unique and talented developers and game-artists to work on the project. Akella and .dat intend to create the most exciting game in the series – keeping the basis of Disciples and Disciples II we will introduce new features in order to provide gamers with more interesting gameplay and realistic graphics”, says Dmitry Arkhipov, VP of development of Akella.

Development on the game has been going on since last Summer; the final game is expected later this year.