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Ninth EVE Online Expansion Dated

Continuing the expansion of one of the longest running MMOs around, CCP today announced November 11 as the launch date for the final deployment in the two-part staged release of EVE Online: Quantum Rise, the ninth free expansion to the game.

This expansion offers performance-enhancing improvements, in-game subscription services, assembly array modules, UI changes, more efficient bomb production, upgrades to graphics, new music tracks and more.

It will be available completely free to subscribers. Interested non-subscribers can check out the free trial to see if they like it or not.

Two Worlds Faces Temptation, Screenshots

The Two Worlds universe is being expanded with “The Temptation”, an upcoming add-on that adds a new gameplay feature allowing the player to influence the environment more than before. Players will be able to use chests, barrels and other items to defeat opponents as well as reach higher ground; there are also ladders.

New environments will also be present. Two have been disclosed – a Savannah and a Jungle. “So with ‘The Temptation’ we’ve succeeded in realizing a truly intensive gaming experience – an experience that also includes the refining of the ‘older’ elements together with truly stunning new features,” commented Zuxxez CEO Alexandra Constandache. “When you move objects, for example, the possibilities are almost endless… you can use all your creative talents and enable very interesting quests at the same time.”

Below are the first four screenshots:


Sudden Strike 3 Expansion In Development

The development of an add-on for Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory was announced earlier this week. Dubbed the “Ardennes Offensive”, the expansion will feature two campaigns playable for Germans and Allies, plus a campaign playable for the German and Soviet sides. Multiplayer maps and new features will also be included.

Set for release in April 2008, the add-on will feature fully interactive landscapes, massive maps, thousands of units fighting in real time, more than 300 new units, advanced micro-AI behavior, and even more.

Shivering Isles Scaring PS3

Bethesda has announced that it will release Shivering Isles, the expansion pack to Elder Scrolls IV, for the PS3 through retail. The standalone disc will allow gamers the chance to experience the expansion of the award-winning RPG.

This retail release follows the October release of the Game of the Year edition of Elder Scrolls IV for the PS3, which includes the Shivering Isles pack. The expansion offers more than 30 hours of new gameplay, allowing players to explore an entirely new plane of Oblivion.

Shivering Isles will hit PS3 on November 20.

Neverwinter Nights 2 Expansion Coming

Those looking for more awesome Neverwinter Nights 2 action won’t have to wait much longer: Atari has announced an Adventure Pack for the game that will be made available exclusively by digital download. Created by Atari and some of the most prominent members of the NWN2 communities, Mysteries of Westgate will offer a new storyline, professional voice acting, new musical scores, new in-game content and more.

Set in the infamous Forgotten Realms city of Westgate, players find themselves in possession of a powerful but cursed treasure that threatens to destroy them. Linked to the underworld organization known as the Night Masks, the treasure will draw players into a city-spanning clash between warring factions. Players must choose their allegiance in order to break the curse and ultimately uncover a plot that threatens Westgate itself.

The expansion will feature a non-linear, open-ended single-player campaign with numerous side quests covering more than 15 hours of game play. It will also feature 3 new companions, an entirely new underground sewers tile set, new monsters and more. It is scheduled for release later this Fall.

Mythos Expands

Brand new content and a new zone for Flagship Studio’s upcoming free MMORPG Mythos have been announced today. The expansion to the closed beta program will see the introduction of a new zone, Bloodbristle Heath, and the outpost town of Tulin’s Hope. They will roughly double the size of Mythos’ universe and will also add new levels, monsters, quests, items and skills. Gamers are invited to apply for the closed beta here.

The game is in development at Flagship Seattle, a subsidiary of Flagship Studios, which has just completed Hellgate: London. Mythos offers players three races – human, satyr, or gremlins – to play out in a fantasy world. The game, once released, will be free to download and play.

Shivering Isles Hitting Retail

Hoping to cater to more gamers, Bethesda sent out a press release announcing their intentions of releasing the retail disc of Shivering Isles for the Xbox 360. Gamers will be able to play the award-winning expansion to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion without having to access Xbox Live. It will also include the downloadable content, Knights of the Nine.

With more than 30 hours of new gameplay, Shivering Isles allows you to explore an entirely new plane of Oblivion – the realm of Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness. Shivering Isles features a bizarre landscape split between the two sides – Mania and Dementia -filled with vast, twisting dungeons mirroring the roots of the trees they are buried within. Sheogorath himself looks to you to be his champion and defend his realm and its inhabitants from destruction as you discover all new items, ingredients, spells, and much more.

Knights of the Nine features an all-new faction and quests for noble characters and answers many of the questions surrounding the Ayleid ruins found throughout Oblivion. Players can join a new faction and found their own order of holy knights – leading them into battle against a sorcerer-king and his demonic minions while exploring massive dungeons and searching for legendary relics – the holy armor and weapons of the Divine Crusader.

The Shivering Isles disc will be available in stores this October.

Age of Empires 3 Updates

New patches for various language editions of Age of Empires III are now available, updating the game to v1.12. The update offers balance changes, bug fixes and custom online scenario support for multiplayer games. Grab the patch from Ensemble Studios, who also offers a v1.04 update for The Warchiefs expansion pack.

Ultima Online Reborn

EA sent out word that Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn is now available as a free expansion for players of the old-school MMORPG. The expansion introduces a graphics update, all-new user interface and updated new player experience to the game.

The file can be downloaded from Ultimate Onlineā€™s official website and FilePlanet.