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Call of Duty Ghosts officially announced, live action teaser released

As expected, Activision has taken the wraps off of Call of Duty Ghosts, the next installment in the wildly popular shooter series. Infinity Ward is making the game for a November 5 release on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. It’s also confirmed for the next Xbox and will make an appearance at Microsoft’s reveal for the Xbox successor on May 21.

The developer said that it will have an entirely new story, setting, and cast of characters. All of these will be powered by a next-gen engine. Although they didn’t show any gameplay or graphics, a live action trailer was released to highlight the significance of masks.

More details are expected at Microsoft’s Xbox event on May 21.

Square Enix boss: Activision must have been crazy to let Sleeping Dogs go

Activision’s loss is Square Enix’s gain. The latter picked up True Crime: Hong Kong from the former last summer, and is gearing up to release it later this year as Sleeping Dogs. The game has picked up steam in the past few weeks through good press and a constant supply of hype and media.

“The game was, in a sense, discovered,” said Mike Fischer, Square Enix president. “The minute they showed it to us, we really felt like we had found a diamond in the rough.”

He went on to say that Activision must have been “crazy” to let go of the project, which he believes is “fantastic”.

“There’s clearly a lot of inspiration from The Departed and Infernal Affairs. You play an undercover cop who starts to feel mixed loyalties. But the open world feels like Arkham City, the combat feels as good as a fighting game, the driving is as good as a Need for Speed, and the story is every bit as rich as compelling as a Mass Effect. [It’s an] all in one game.”

Sleeping Dogs is due out in August on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out the latest trailer and screenshots.

Activision pays $42M to former Infinity Ward employees; only the beginning

million-dollars-2Polygon reports that Activision has paid former Infinity Ward employees $42 million, though it isn’t considered a settlement. The payment includes interest, and it has been noted to be a “small portion” of the monetary stakes involved, according to the 40-member Infinity Ward Employee Group.

“I can… tell you that…it is only a small portion of what we are seeking in litigation,” said IWEG attorney Bruce Isaacs. “It is outrageous that they made us wait, they obviously knew they owed the money and this just shows that they breached the contract.”

The group is planning to pursue further legal action. It is claiming a number in the range of $75-125 million.

Black Ops 2 setting violates contract with Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
is already under fire. GameInformer has come across a set of legal documents that suggest the game’s future setting may violate Activision’s contract with Infinity Ward. In fact, the primary developer of the series retains the rights to any Call of Duty games set post-Vietnam.

I’m not a lawyer or anything, but you’d think Activision would have this covered before they commissioned something like this. However, you should keep in mind that the company already has a legal dispute with Infinity Ward and series creators Jason West and Vince Zampella.

I don’t think the game will be affected by any of this, but it will further strain Activision’s relationship with IW.

Tony Hawk spills downloadable retro title for release in June

Tony Hawk’s recent endeavors in gaming have met with disappointment and universal scorn, which is why it’s time we went retro. The man himself took to Twitter to announce Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, a downloadable retro revamp set for release this June.

The tweet, embedded below, mentions the name as well as the timeframe. Activision is yet to announce the game, or start marketing it. However, seeing as how it’s already out there, we can expect an announcement soon.

Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC makes a (somewhat) triumphant return


Activision just can’t decide what to do with the DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. In January they released new playable characters but then took it down, stating that it would “likely” not return.

Well, it has, sort of. The DLC has been put up on Xbox Live Marketplace again for a limited time. PlayStation Network will be getting it soon, too.

Fans who missed the content before now have until December 31, 2010 to download it. The DLC packs include playable characters Magneto, Black Panther, Carnage, Cable, Psylocke and Juggernaut.

Guitar Hero Opens Own Space in PlayStation Home

Activision today announced that they will be opening up a presence for Guitar Hero in PlayStation Home, letting PS3 users interact, communicate and share experiences together in one unified space.

Dubbed “Backstage with Guitar Hero”, the space will be a themed backstage lounge and massive concert venue where users will be able to meet up, hang out and check out videos for upcoming titles in the franchise. It will add more functionality over time.

Guitar Hero World Tour Coming to PC

Following Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Neversoft’s multi-instrument music game Guitar Hero World Tour will be released on PC and Mac this summer, courtesy of Aspyr.

The computer editions will feature the same content found in the console versions, including all the on-disc songs, music studio mode and support for full band gameplay. However, the studio made no mention of downloadable content.

More details are expected soon.

Space Camp Coming to Wii, DS

Activision today announced Space Camp, a new mini-game compilation for the Wii and DS.

Set for release this June, the game, as the name suggests, has players performing a variety of space-related activities, including moon defense, spacecraft maneuvering and more. It is being made in partnership with the US Space & Rocket Center, which operates the real-life Space Camp.

The Wii version will offer multiplayer modes for up to four players. No mention of multiplayer was made for the DS version.